Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 3 Eviction Nominations

Who was nominated for eviction on Big Brother 18 in week three? With Bridgette Dunning as the new Head of Household this week, most fans seemed to think she would let her ally, veteran Frank Eudy, be the one actually choosing who went up. While we were hoping to see Bridgette take charge and make her own decisions without having Frank leading her around by the nose, it seemed pretty unlikely at this point.

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WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet been shown on the CBS TV show, possibly including competition information or results, game play moves, alliances, showmances, etc. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

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After Bridgette won the Head of Household competition, Frank sat her down pretty quickly to ‘help’ her figure out who should go up on the block as her eviction nominees. Frank is all about getting Tiffany Rousso out as soon as he possibly can, so she is his number one target and he wants her to go up. Frank is extremely displeased with (former) 8-Pack alliance mate and convinced she’s too much of a danger to his game to stay any more. So she will most likely be nomination number one.

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The second nomination isn’t so important to Frank. It needs to be someone he doesn’t mind getting rid of, but also someone that can possibly be manipulated to do what Frank wants them to. Plus, it should be someone who has a better possible chance of winning the Power of Veto Competition than Tiffany. Even better if it’s someone who really doesn’t have any strong alliances in the house and is desperate to keep the majority happy. Who fits all those categories? Guess what Paul Abrahamian, it looks like you’re about to step up on the block yet again.

Paulie actually tried to convince Bridgette that Bronte would be a good option as a nominee either now or as a renom later, but that’s highly unlikely. Let’s not forget that Bridgette is in a (currently) strong alliance with Bronte and Natalie with the Spy Girls (aka Powerpuff Girls). She is not going to nominate either of them unless she feels totally backed into a corner.

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Nicole Franzel, James Huling, and Da’Vonne Rogers are basically left in a pickle at this point. They’ve been conspiring hardcore to get Frank out because they don’t trust him, and they feel he is trying to manipulate them and the rest of the house solely for his own benefit. (Well, duh.) But since he’s on Bridgette’s team, he’s entirely safe this week and there is no way for him to go up on the block.

Luckily for them, so far Frank is not aware of their mass attempt to target him. However, that doesn’t mean they are safe if he decides one of them is too much of a threat to keep around this week. Nicole is especially stressed out that she might end up as nomination or a renom. So when Nicole and Corey found out from Frank that Tiffany and Paul were probably going to go on the block, Nicole liked to Tiffany about not knowing what was going on. She doesn’t want to give Tiffany the weepy manipulator any chance of changing Frank or Bridgette’s mind about being nominated.

When the Big Brother Live Feeds went down on Friday morning, it looked pretty certain that Tiffany and Paul would go up as this week’s eviction nominees, with Tiffany as the prime target. When the Feeds finally came back on several hours later, our spoilers were confirmed. Paul and Tiffany are this week’s first two eviction nominees. Now we’ll have to wait and see who wins the Roadkill Competition and which houseguest they will choose as their third nominee.

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