What Happened on Big Brother 18 Last Night? 7/8/2016

Yesterday marked another eviction in the books for this season of Big Brother. Paulie Calafiore became this week’s Head of Household and originally nominated Paul Abrahamian and Bronte D’Aquisto for eviction. Victor Arroyo won this weeks Road kill competition and put Tiffany Rousso up as a third nominee. Paulie won Power of Veto this week and used it to save Paul, which left Paulie having to put someone in his place. His replacing nominee was Victor.


Since Victor was nominated and the house was left unsure where Tiffany’s head was at in the game, Victor decided to try and sway votes towards Tiffany by talking to Natalie and James Huling. Natalie was not on board with that due to Bronte being a nominee and that being one of her good friends.

Tiffany told Bronte maybe they should work something up with the girls and have a possible alliance with her (Tiffany), Bronte, Natalie Negrotti and Bridgette Dunning. Bridgette told Frank Eudy that they were trying to get a girls alliance going on that included her. Houseguests begin to question if perhaps they should keep Victor and vote Tiffany out this week due to the shady things she has pulled lately.

The 8-Pack alliance includes: Frank, Zakiyah Everette, Da’Vonne, Nicole Franzel, Tiffany, Corey Brooks, Michelle Meyer and James. The five girls in the 8-Pack all form their own little alliance titled “The Fatal Five”. Frank decided he wanted to tell Paulie all about the 8-Pack. He informed Nicole and Corey that he was going to tell Paulie all about it before someone else did and it ruined his trust in them all. Frank told Paulie about the 8-Pack but then blamed the girls for creating it.

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Paulie said he wasn’t worried but it was made of people he thought he was working with as well and wondered why he was not included. Frank told Paulie he didn’t want Paulie finding out from Tiffany about the 8-Pack. Zakiyah thought they should stick to a finale five alliance that included: her (Zakiyah), Paulie, Nicole, Corey and Da’vonne because they can all trust one another but Da’vonne didn’t seem to be on board with that idea because she felt as if she would be the 3rd wheel in an alliance full of showmances.

Host Julie Chen announced that it was time for the live eviction. Would the houseguests stick to the plan of evicting Victor or would they change the plan and vote Tiffany out for her shady ways? With a 9-1 vote, Victor was the 3rd houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother house. While discussing his journey on BB18, Victor explained that he felt like a sitting duck in the house and felt like he only had Paul. The rest of the house seemed to give him the cold shoulder. Julie told Victor that another twist called ‘ Battle Back’ which allows the first five evicted HG’s to battle against one another for a chance back in the house.

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The Head of Household competition then went into full swing. Titled “Kiss my Ace”, the HOH comp. was be played in teams. One player from each team had to step up and serve a tennis ball into their court. Each court was filled with numbered slots 0-21.

The player with the lowest number in each round would be eliminated. Those still in the game would go to the back of their team line and the next player from each team would step up and serve. The last houseguest standing would become the new HOH. If two or three players tie with the lowest score in any given round, they would all be eliminated. If all four HG’s tie then all four must serve again until someone was eliminated in that round.

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Bronte was eliminated in the first round. Michelle was eliminated the second round. Nicole and Da’vonne were eliminated in the third round. James was eliminated the fourth round. Frank was eliminated the fifth round. Corey was eliminated the sixth round. Zakiyah was eliminated the seventh round. Tiffany was eliminated the eighth round which meant the Freakazoids were out of the game. Natalie was eliminated the ninth round. Paul and Bridgette were the last two remaining players. Bridgette won this week’s HOH comp and guaranteed her team “Catagory4” safe this week.

Which houseguests do you think Bridgette will nominate on Sunday?