Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Thursday Live Feeds Report – 6/25/2015

We have our first Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and it feels oh so good! After months and months of waiting, we finally have our guilty summer pleasure back again, and our social life is hereby officially dead until it’s over.

Big Brother Live Feeds - 6-25-2015 (CBS)
Big Brother Live Feeds – 6-25-2015 (CBS)

The Big Brother Live Feeds kicked off a bit earlier than expect on Thursday when suddenly they turned on around 4:33 PM BBT in between hours and hours of fish. CBS apparently decided to give the subscribers a little tease sneak peek before the second half of the Big Brother 17 premiere Thursday night.

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Big Brother Live Feeds Free Week

Big Brother 17 Live Feeds subscribers got a delightful little bonus with a first look at the Houseguests in their new habitat. Early Big Brother spoilers were also revealed, which led us to believe maybe the leak was not entirely intentional.

CBS may have been testing the Live Feeds and allowed us a sneak peek, but they also accidentally leaked the name of the second Head of Household winner, the names of three of the Have-Nots, and the surprise additional Houseguests from this week’s Big Brother Takeover Twist. We also learned that Audrey and Shelli seem to be growing a bond, which means the unnamed Girls Alliance may indeed survive for a while.

Some of the girls, including Audrey, also talked about how they didn’t bring super sexy underwear because they don’t need it. Well, those would probably be the ones not likely to actually be wanting a showmance, LOL. There were a few other interesting snippets, but CBS kept changing the cameras when the HGs would start to talk game, so we didn’t get anything else noteworthy before the feeds cut out again.

Once part two of the CBS Big Brother 17 premiere was over on the west coast, the Big Brother Live Feeds kicked off again at 9PM BBT.

9:00 PM BBT – The HGs gather in the living room to give shoutouts to the Live Feeds watchers and their friends and families back home. Austin is wearing his ‘Judas’ hat, which he said in pre-season interviews means he is about to tell untruths. Jeff gives a shoutout to his twin brother, which is interesting…

9:13 PM BBT: Austin and Jace are crazy toons. Jace has basically been serving as circus ringleader during the shoutouts. Then the two of them do a little song and dance about being instant best friends, and end with a “freeze frame makeout.”

9:14 PM BBT – The Houseguests investigate the ingredients of the Slop. Apparently it has lots of vitamins. Vanessa and Austin are on Slop so they must be Have-Nots. But both are apparently safe from eviction? Liz is also on Slop. The Have-Not room is basically a bunch of dentist chairs, which is funny considering they have a dentist in the cast.

9:15 PM BBT – Clay wants Becky out of the house. He seems to be buddying up with Audrey.

9:17 PM BBT – Steve and Jackie seem to be nominees for eviction. Clay and Audrey talk a bit of game about Becky. Austin and Jace could be working toward an early alliance.

9:20 PM BBT: Vanessa is upset at leaving her girlfriend behind and she is the first HG we’ve seen in tears on the Big Brother Live Feeds. We really didn’t expect it to be tough girl Vanessa breakign down so early on. Unless it is some sort of ploy to make friends and get sympathy. Austin, Jace, Steve and others come over and comfort Vanesa as well. Steve gives her a lovely little pep talk and a hug. Steve gets Vanessa into a game of 20 questions to distract her.

9:27 PM BBT: Vanessa has given Austin safety? this week, we’re not sure how… James may be the Battle of the Block winner and final Head of Household. Austin and Jace talk about what may be an alliance. Something called Shell Town (sp?).

9:33 PM BBT: Audrey and Meg do a bit of game talk but nothing really serious going on now. Audrey tells Meg that she thinks Jace and Liz need to be pushed into a showmance. Meg thinks Liz likes Jace. Audrey says that or she is really good at acting.

9:35 PM BBT: Jace and Austin, already the dynamic duo, update the Live Feeds watchers with the latest news. James is the Head of Household after his nominees won the Battle of the Block and dethroned Jason. Steve and Jackie are the current eviction nominees. Austin is safe because Vanessa gave him safety in some way we still aren’t sure. Jace and Austin talk about making a final three with Clay or Liz. Austin says Liz is their Janelle but Shelli has to go. Austin notes he has a girlfriend he loves, so he won’t be showmancing.

Jace and Austin seem to have an alliance called Shelltown, and discuss people they may try to bring in. They want to see if they can get in Liz and Clay to backdoor Jeff. They are really quite entertaining. They give shoutouts to various former Big Brother Houseguests. The two of them may also be involved in several other alliances together.

9:45 PM BBT – The Power of Veto Competition may take place sometime on Friday. Austin and Jace talk trash about Jeff, saying he has a “dad” body and accuse him of taking steroids. They don’t like him at all and diss him for constantly talking about women. They discuss telling James he is safe with them. Meanwhile, Jackie tells Shelli that everyone playing Power of Veto would use it on her if they win it.

9:50 PM BBT: Shelli and Jackie talk about the ‘plan’ for the Power of Veto, which is to Jackie off the block and backdoor Jace.

9:58 PM BBT: James, Jackie, and Shelli continue discussing the Power of Veto Comp. Jackie is worried that Steve will win it and she will be left on the block against Jace.

10:10 PM BBT: Steve apparently choose Jason to play in the Power of Veto after getting Houseguest’s Choice in the draw. James talks about Austin and Jeff being enemies. James says Jace thinks he is working with him and will be ‘crushed’ when he gets backdoored.

10:3o PM BBT: Vanessa, who was such a tough girl in all her interviews, is weeping again about being away from her girlfriend. She isn’t sure if she wants to keep playing. She is also upset because people are ‘mean’. Um, has she ever watched Big Brother before? That would be ‘Expect the Expected.’ (We say if you ever express that you want to leave, production should throw you out. Too many people would kill to be there.)

Meanwhile, Clay, Audrey, and Meg talk in the HoH room. Lots of talk about Becky and how she hates Jace, and may not be entirely truthful about what she does. Everyone is in on the plan to backdoor Jace. Clay thinks Jace may be aware of the plan. He says Austin will be terribly upset if Jace leaves.

Jace talks with Shelli, Jeff, and Jackie in the lounge about how all he does is sleep, skate, and smoke pot.

10:40 PM BBT: Vanessa is still having a meltdown. This is the woman who won millions of dollars hiding her emotions while playing poker? Really? Wow.

11:20 PM BBT:  Jace worries about getting backdoored and tells Austin he needs to go after James if that happens. Jace says he will do crazy stuff if he gets put on the block.

11:40 PM BBT: Austin gives Jason and other HGs some workout tips. Funny stuff!

11:46 PM BBT: Audrey finds a card for the HoH and opens it. She tells Meg, Audrey, Jace, and Clay it says: “James you have a very important decision to make. You have to pick two people to form an an alliance with America you have 24 hours. Actually, it’s just a card telling James he has to pick the Have-Nots. Naughty Audrey!

Big Brother Live Feeds  6-25-2015 17


And that’s a wrap for Thursday! We’ll be back with more Big Brother Live Feeds spoilers updates soon!

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