Big Brother’s Caleb Reynolds on Survivor 2016: Sneak Peek!

CBS loves to recycle their reality TV stars, so it was hardly shocking to find out Big Brother 16 alum Caleb Reynolds will be appearing on Survivor 2016 season 32. The theme for Survivor: Kaoh Rong this time around will be a reprisal of Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty, which was previously featured in season 18. Oddly enough, Caleb is reportedly a member of the ‘Beauty’ tribe, rather than the ‘Brawn’ tribe — which is the group we would have cast him in.

Big Brother's Caleb Reynolds on Survivor 2016
Big Brother‘s Caleb Reynolds on Survivor 2016 (CBS)

Caleb Reynolds will be following in the footsteps of fellow Big Brother alum Hayden Moss, who was eliminated in 7th place on Survivor: Blood vs. Water season 27. Interestingly enough, Caleb actually first applied to be on The Amazing Race, but CBS decided to cast him on Big Brother 16 instead, where he ended up in a disappointing 4th place.

How will the ‘Beast Mode Cowboy’ fare in his second reality TV show? Well, he’s certainly in prime physical condition, and he showed on Big Brother that he can win competitions. In addition to being in top shape, Caleb has also worked as a hunting guide, which may give him some skills and experience that will make him more valuable to his tribe. We just hope he’s smart enough to stay away from the ladies this time around, considering his obsession with Amber Borzotra basically sank his game on Big Brother.

According to Survivor spoilers, conditions in Cambodia — where season 32 was filmed — were absolutely brutal. We can’t help but wonder how the ‘Beauty’ tribe will endure the extremely harsh environment, especially as Caleb’s teammates reportedly consist of a 19-year-old student, a 25-year-old travel consultant, a 30-year-old former blogger, and a 51-year-old gardener.

Survivor 2016 season 32 kicks off on February 17 on CBS. You can take a sneak peek at Caleb Reynolds showing off his muscles in the spoilers pics below!

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