Big Brother Winners Battle: Evel Dick Slams Andy Herren

Infamous Big Brother star Evel Dick Donato had a few choice words for BB15 winner Andy Herren on Twitter this week. A nasty exchange between the two broke out after Andy posted a Tweet full of shade about how Evel Dick won Big Brother 8.

Evel Dick Donato and Andy Herren

Apparently Evel Dick was none too pleased with Andy’s snarky comment about his game play and gave him a short but pointed slam back for it. Honestly, we think Andy Herren is getting a little too full of himself about winning Big Brother 15 and kind of deserved it, although we can’t really approve of Evel Dick’s language.

Here’s how it all went down:

2-5-2014 12-57-21 PM

Andy, of course, couldn’t just let it go and promptly responded back with a less than humble Tweet about how masterful his game playing was when he won Big Brother 15.

So far, Evel Dick has not bothered to respond to Andy’s further Tweets on the subject, which is kind of a bummer. We’d rather love hearing him give Andy a real taste of what kind of damage he can throw out there when he really sets his mind to it.

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