This week’s Big Brother 14 live eviction results show recap is full of all kinds of crazy fun twists and turns! On Thursday, CBS Big Brother 14 went wild as the veteran coaches anticipated the possible opportunity to enter the regular game… and the newbies began to fear what would happen as a consequence.

Who was evicted on Big Brother 14 this week seemed a given going into tonight’s CBS show based on the Big Brother 14 spoilers from the live feeds. A sudden twist in the competition, however, had the potential to wreck even the most carefully laid plans. If the coaches were indeed about to enter the regular game, was it really the wisest move for the newbies to oust one of their strongest players?

Read on in our Big Brother 14 live eviction results recap to find out what went down on the live show Thursday night!


This post contains CBS Big Brother 14 spoilers about the week 3 live eviction results show. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened and who was evicted on Big Brother 14 this week!

Big Brother 14 Coaches Twist Vote: Will the coaches enter the game?

All it takes is one vote for the coaches to be added to the regular competition. Britney Haynes is the first to vote and she votes yes. So the coaches are now competing against the newbies. Sigh. So predictable. So boring. So annoying. If you care, Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin was the only coach to vote no.

Due to the Coaches Twist, there will be no live eviction tonight. Instead, all the players will be staying in the game and competing in an endurance competition. So all that work, all that effort Shane Meaney and his allies put in over this past week means… absolutely nothing. Bravo for making a whole week of game play pointless CBS.

Big Brother 14 Head of Household Competition – “Walk the Plank”:

The houseguests are now precariously trying to stand on the side of a tiny pirate ship over the water. Whoever lasts the longest will be the new HOH. The contest continues on the Big Brother 14 live feeds… we’ll bring you the winner here when it is done, but move on if you don’t want to know until they show the winner on CBS on Sunday.

Winner: Read all about the Head of Household competitions and results here.

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