This week in the Big Brother 14 house has been non-stop drama, with alliances forming and falling apart at top speed and eviction votes changing from one minute to the next practically without warning. The biggest drama, however was all caused by Big Brother 2012 cast houseguest Willie Hantz. Tonight in our CBS Big brother 14 recap, we’ll finally see the footage of his massive, allegedly violet rant even Big Brother live feed fans missed out on!


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers about Sunday night’s nominations episode and the Willie Hantz implosion that happened this week in the Big Brother 14 house. You have been warned!

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 14, fans will find out what happened this week in the BB14 house that sent a huge shockwave through the Big Brother 2012 cast houseguests and shook up plots and scheming of everyone in the house. All of this came at the hands of houseguest Willie Hantz, brother to Survivor‘s Russell Hantz, after he found himself plunged from the top dog in the house, to the bottom of the food chain.

Also tonight, we’ll find out who Head of Household Frank Eudy, son of wrestler Sid Vicious, will nominate to go up on the eviction block. Since Frank won the HoH competition, it has seemed very clear who he would nominate and who he planned to work to send home, but Willie Hantz’ shockingly violent explosion may have thrown a monkey wrench into Frank’s plans. Read on in our Big Brother 14 recap of Sunday’s episode to find out what happened!

Team coach Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin and his team lead and Head of Household Frank Eudy are just all kinds of thrilled about how the eviction turned out and Frank winning Head of Household. Boogie thinks Frank stayed because the other houseguests really want to get out previous Head of Household Willie Hantz. They are thrilled

Willie is totally cranked because he thinks he’s in massive trouble and having Frank as the new Head of Household is very, very bad for him. (It is.)

Shane Meaney, Willie’s teammate on Team Britney Haynes, is wondering whether he should abandon his alliance with Willie. Veteran coach Janelle Pierzina is also questioning the tentative alliance between her players and Britney’s. She is not happy that Britney cannot keep Willie under control. Britney is horrified by Willie not being able to keep his mouth shut and stop acting like a jackass.

Veteran houseguest and team coach Dan Gheesling is down to only one player, Danielle Murphree, but he still thinks he has a chance because all kinds of surprises can happen in the Big Brother house.

JoJo Spatafora, knowing she needs to get on Frank’s side now that he’s Head of Household, goes to apologize to him for voting against him at eviction. She tells him that her teammate Willie Hantz has really messed things up. Frank tells her he doesn’t have anything against her or anyone else; he doesn’t keep grudges.

Frank is given the key to the Head of Household room and the houseguests go to check it out. Even Willie goes, although he and Frank are basically now mortal enemies in the house. He doesn’t want to because he doesn’t want to be ‘fake’, but he knows it is good game play to go along. Mike Boogie, as Frank’s coach, also gets his own bedroom attached to the Head of Household room.

Willie talks to his team coach Britney, who tells him things are just going very badly. She tells Willie he really made her look bad because she was defending him and trying to tell everyone he was a good guy but instead he was mouthing off and acting like a s**t. (My words, not hers, but the basic gist.) Britney says Willie is just selfish and doesn’t think about other people.

Willie tells Britney that is fine because he did not come to Big Brother 14 to play with a coach, he came to play his own game. Britney says his inability to keep from running his mouth is going to end up sending him packing. Britney is upset because she thinks her whole team is in serious deep s**t because of Willie’s actions and words. (She’s right.)

Danielle and Shane are doing a lot of flirting and it looks like there might be a showmance in the works. (Let me say this is not quite as mutual on the Big Brother 14 live feeds as it seems on CBS.)

Team coaches Dan, Mike Boogie, and Britney meet up to talk about the upcoming Coaches’ Competition. Boogie is concerned that Britney might try to trade Willie if she wins because the winning coach will have the option either to keep someone safe, or trade someone to another team. Boogie wants to convince Britney trading Willie would be seriously bad for her and she would have a big target on all her team members. Dan really, really does not want Britney to take Danielle from him and give him Willie. Britney is not really falling for Dan and Boogie’s attempt to manipulate her.

Later, Mike Boogie is talking to his team member Ian Terry, who is all hot and bothered by tanning technician Ashley Iocco. He wants to go on a date with her, and of course, it’s a great opportunity to try to get info out of her too. Boogie thinks Ashley is way out of Ian’s league, but thinks it will be something good to help Ian integrate better socially into the house.

The other houseguests teasingly push Ian to ask out Ashley and she actually says yes, although it is pretty obvious she’s not really all that interested in him. Ian is excited because she’s the hottest girl he’s ever gone on a date with. He brings her a flower to start their date. Ian thinks having a showmance will help his place in the house and help his game.

Britney tells her team member JoJo and Shane that she is certain Willie will end up blowing up again and they should distance themselves from him. He is just going to drag them down and have targets painted on them.

Now we have the Coaches’ Competition and all of them are dressed up like rappers for a urban-themed competition. The winning coach will get the chance to either save one of their players or trade one to another team. They will also get to choose the four people to be Have-Nots for the week.

The winner of the Coaches’ Competition turns out to be Janelle and she is smirking happy over it. She decides to keep Ashley safe from eviction for the week. She also chooses JoJo, Willie, Shane and Ian to be Have-Nots for the week. (Ian actually kind of volunteered actually.) It’s harsh that she chose all of Britney’s players to be Have-Nots. The food for the Have-Nots for the week is pork rinds and pudding.

After the Coaches’ Competition, Britney tells JoJo not to hang out alone with Willie anymore because it will look bad for her. Willie is a huge target and she needs to keep away from him.

Willie is seriously pissed at this point because he is pretty certain he will be getting nominated for eviction and sent home. He’s furious at how he has gone from being the top dog in the place as the first Head of Household to being the guy everyone wants out. Britney tells Willie he needs to shut up, calm down and stop acting out because he is putting her and his teammates in more danger in the house.

After talking to Britney, Willie stomps up to the Head of Household room to tell Mike Boogie and Frank that he is the only person to blame and to leave his teammates alone. They, of course, are just pleased as punch that Willie is all sorts of worked up.

JoJo is upset because she and Shane are being targeted to get out next because of Willie’s behavior in the house. Willie comes in and JoJo tells him she has to stop hanging out with him and working with him because it will go badly for her. JoJo says she feels bad for Willie in the diary room.

Back over to Willie and he is pacing,  stomping, sweating, pissed off and totally worked up. (If you’ve been watching the Big Brother live feeds, you know there is a whole lot of extremely foul language throughout all of this from Willie, repeated door slamming, hitting walls and more that went on.)

Willie goes into the kitchen where Shane and JoJo are and says some nasty s**t about the other houseguests, calling them foul names. Britney tells him he needs to stop acting like that. Chef Joe Arvin makes a comment about Willie’s being an ass and starts walking off.

Willie runs after Joe and confronts him and tells Joe over and over to hit him, getting into his face and acting totally crazy. Finally he just loses it totally and head butts Joe! The Voice From Above tells Willie to stop and go to the Diary Room right now!

When Willie gets in the Diary Room, the Big Brother 14 staff tell him to go with them and escort him out.

Britney is upset and crying over everything that has gone down, although she really kind of egged Willie into the whole blow-up and sort of pushed Willie into the situation to have the whole house aligned against him. Mike Boogie wonders what the production team is going to do about Willie.

Host Julie Chen comes on the house TV and asks all the houseguests to gather in the living room. After all of them are assembled, Julie tells them that violence of any kind is never allowed in the Big Brother house and Willie has been permanently removed form the house.

Britney is glad Willie is gone and can stop causing huge drama in the house, but she is worried that now both of her team members, JoJo and Shane, will go up on the block for evicition this week.

The other players are basically just all in shock about what just went down. Now Frank, who was absolutely going to nominate Willie for eviction this week and had him targeted to go home, will have to decide what he is going to do now that Willie is gone.

Because of the whole Willie Hantz drama, CBS will be holding off letting us know what the nominations are for eviction this week until Wednesday’s episode. Join us then for our next Big Brother 14 recap then!

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