After watching Jeff Schroeder’s backyard interview with David Girton following the Big Brother 15 finale, we’re kind of sad he didn’t make it past week one. His crazy hair and surfer guy persona might have driven us crazy after a month or two but he just seems like a fun guy. Plus, we’re pretty sure he would have been working the girls all over to get some more “schnooki” during his time in the house.

Big Brother 15 David Girton Jeff Schroeder

One of the few HouseGuests who wasn’t around long enough to offend anyone or say anything horribly stupid, David Girton just comes across as a cheesy, entertaining goofball. Although, we do hope someone will tell him that horrible purple sweater/pink shirt combination should never, ever be worn again. And, um, just swimming in a pool is not an acceptable substitute for showers or hair products…

We do have to note that there was an obvious cut in the final David Girton backyard interview video that was posted by CBS. It seems to be missing a bit about when he was talking about Aaryn Gries during the live streaming of the interviews being a “dirty bird” for making out with Judd Daughtery and flirting with Jeremy McGuire. Oh, and the part about saying he would still have a one night stand with her anyway.

Do you wish we’d gotten to see David play the game longer? What do you think about a “second chance” season with all the HouseGuests who were eliminated in the first week or two? We think that would be a blast!

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