After an unprecedented three sets of couples made up the final six houseguests (HG) on Big Brother 18, James Huling is left without a much of any type of alliance now that his showmance partner Natalie Negrotti was evicted during the last episode.

Big Brother 18 Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

Big Brother 18 Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

We did see signs of Corey Brooks and Paul Abrahamian starting to make moves towards solidifying a possible alliance with James once they figured out when Natalie was gone, James would essentially become a ‘free agent’ in the house. Can that be James’ saving grace for his game or will the Final Four alliance stay true to their word and evict James this week?

Most everyone can agree that James has let his Big Brother game go to Hell in the last few weeks.  His lack of focus and concentration on his gameplay can certainly be attributed to school boy crush on Natalie Negrotti.  What southern American male wouldn’t be sidetracked and enamored by the former NFL cheerleader flirting with them and calling them their soulmate?  James easily fell victim to crush and let that get squarely in-between him and winning Big Brother.  Now that Natalie has been evicted to the jury house, James may actually have some life brought back into his game.

Corey and Paul both saw the value of the potential alliance with James if Natalie was evicted this week which we now know she was.  Consequently, this could be exactly what James needs to wrangle his way into the final three and maybe even the final two. Of course, this week’s Head of Household (HOH) competition will dictate exactly where James’ game stands, but if he gathers himself and starts playing the game again, things can be looking up for our veteran James.

Tonight’s episode will reveal the winner of the Big Brother Slide In Theatre HOH competition and pick-up where last Thursday’s episode left off as the HGs began the competition.  James could really pull his game out of the gutter with the HOH win, but these types of competitions have never been James’ strong suit.  After the HOH winner is announced, the new HOH will then have the difficult task of nominating two HGs to the Block with only five HGs remaining in the game.

Tonight we will have a very high probability of seeing whether or not the Final Four alliance will take Corey, Nicole, Paul and Victor to the final four.  The only way this isn’t revealed on tonight’s episode is if James wins the HOH with a 1 in 5 chance.  Odds are not in his favor to win.  Tune in tonight to see who won HOH, if the Final Four is really the final four, and who was nominated the Block for eviction.

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