Big Brother 18 Recap: A Slippery Slope for Head of Household 9/11/2016

In our Big Brother 18 recap tonight, it will be a slippery challenge for the houseguests competing to become the next Head of Household in this all-important week. For two players in particular, if one of them doesn’t win that HoH competition, their long-lasting relationship in the house is virtually guaranteed to go up in flames in the next eviction.

Big Brother 18 Head of Household Competition

Although bromance allies Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo locked in a Final 4 deal with showmance couple Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks, that deal was pretty much over as soon as Natalie Negrotti was sent packing last Thursday. Well, it was for Nicole and Corey anyway, who immediately started plotting to go after big threats Paul and Victor, while attempting to team up with veteran James Huling behind their back.

That would only work, however, if both Paul and Victor failed to win the Head of Household, of course. If one of them did win it, then it was very important that Corey and Nicole stay buddied up with them if at all possible, which would hopefully put the big target on James and not one of them.

With the Big Brother 18 finale rapidly approaching, this week’s Head of Household Competition is a huge deal, and we can’t wait to see who will ‘slide’ their way to victory!

We had a bit of a delay starting the show tonight due to football, but now we’re finally underway. Before the Head of Household Competition continues, we flash back to various discussions throughout the house about what will happen based on who wins. Corey and Nicole discuss turning on their Final Four with Paul and Victor if they get the chance. Plus they talk with James about having each others’ backs through whatever happens next.

Big Brother 18 Head of Household (CBS)
Big Brother 18 Head of Household (CBS)

The show continues where we left off on Thursday night with the Head of Household Competition just beginning. It’s the infamous ‘slip and slide’ challenge where the houseguests have to slide back and forth across a slippery floor covered in goo while filling up bowls.

The first person to fill up their big HoH bowl wins. They could also choose to fill up a small bowl first to get a bigger scoop to fill their large bowl. Nicole and Paul go for filling the small bowl first, while Corey and James go after the big bowl.


Long story short, we are shocked at how absolutely terrible Paul ends up being at the competition, although not surprised that Nicole is pretty good at it. She did relatively well in her previous season in a similar competition. James also sucks hard at the challenge. Corey, on the other hand, is total beast mode throughout the challenge.

In the end it comes down to Corey versus Nicole. If Nicole had gone for filling her big bowl first, instead of the small bowl, she might possibly have given Corey a run for the money. However, since she didn’t, he ends up taking the win by a good margin, even after she won the big scoop and started catching up on him. Actually, it was a pretty good strategy for them as a duo, each of them trying one of the different methods to win.


Victor and Paul are totally happy because they believe that their Final Four alliance is now in power in the house and all they have to do is make sure James doesn’t win the Power of Veto. There is celebrating all around, and a lot of chest bumping, jumping, and hugging. Of course, Nicole and Corey are already thinking about flipping on them and putting Paul and Victor up on the block.

Before we get to nominations though, we have a flashback to James trying to make up with Natalie before she was evicted. He apologizes to her and says that he really, really cares about her and even that “other word” that he hasn’t said but thinks about all the time. Natalie says she didn’t expect to like someone so much, and they seem to make up a bit before she leaves. She left him her flip-flops anyway.


Some random junk footage (why DO they show so much boring fluff when there is so much more awesome drama on the Live Feeds they could air?). Then we have Corey revealing his Head of Household room, with a pillow that has pictures of his dog on it for him to cuddle.

Then we have Corey and Nicole alone and talking about the nominations for this week. Nicole is “scared” but Corey says this is Big Brother and they have to play. Nicole is excited and says if they can get Victor out, they stand a really chance of one of them winning. They talk about making sure James doesn’t do anything weird like win Veto and take Paul or James off the block.


Nicole feels guilty about backstabbing Paul and Victor, like she hasn’t already done that plenty already to other people. They both talk about how Paul and Victor are going to “crap themselves” when Corey puts them on the block together.

Now we have another random montage of footage of Victor and how he’s always running around after Nicole, and picking her up, hugging her, kissing on her, etc. There is no romance going on there. If Victor is any kind of showmance, it’s with Paul, not Nicole.


Corey and Nicole spy on James to see what he is doing in hopes he isn’t shacking up with Paul and Victor somewhere talking. They cheer and high-five each other when he comes upstairs to talk to them instead. James says he thinks they are going to go for some big fish this week. They tell him they want Victor out this week, and James agrees that is the best decision.


James says in Diary Room that he’s trusted Nicole and Corey throughout the game, even despite Natalie getting evicted, and he hopes he can ride this thing to the end. So it looks like he is on board with the plan to go after Victor.

Paul and Victor talk, and Paul wonders if maybe Corey and Nicole might decide they are too dangerous and turn on them. Victor doesn’t think they will do it, but Paul seems more paranoid. He goes up to the HoH room to talk to Nicole and Corey. Paul asks if they are going to put him up or Victor against James. Paul says he doesn’t care which it is, so just surprise him, whatever. Well, he is about to get quite a surprise indeed.

Nicole talks about that they could put James up on the block against Victor instead, but we know that this conversation was actually pretty much a bunch of bullshit that Nicole admitted on the Live Feeds was just to give CBS footage to air to make things ‘more dramatic. Pretty shady crap actually. There was never any actual real question that Corey would put Paul and Victor on the block, and Nicole never really wanted him to do anything else but that. It was all just ‘show’ for the show, so to speak.


Corey can’t sleep, so he decides to scrub down the house in the middle of the night, and this takes up valuable minutes we could have actually been watching something interesting. This is, again, why we always get the Big Brother Live Feeds. It makes no sense half the time why CBS decides to air crap like this on the TV show instead of real, dramatic, interesting, important footage.

Finally time for the Nominations Ceremony, and Paul, Victor, and James all think they should be okay. Victor and Paul expect that one of them will go up against James on the block. However, that’s not the real plan. Paul was right to be paranoid, because Corey and Nicole have decided to make the smart move and put Paul and Victor up against each other.


Corey announces the nominations, and says that ‘momma didn’t raise no b*tch’ and this was the move he had to make for his game. Paul and Victor are pissed as hell, naturally. Nicole is feeling awesome because she is one step closest to Final Four and “would freaking die” if she ends up winning. James says the “tables have turned” and he’s in the middle of two groups that are mad at each other, and he’s “not even there.”


That’s a wrap! Be sure to tune in with us on Tuesday for a special eviction episode in this week’s accelerated Big Brother schedule!

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