The best word to describe yesterday in the Big Brother 2018 house is messy. We told you yesterday how Faysal Shafaat confessed his feelings to Haleigh Broucher, but she told him that she didn’t want anything romantic with him in the Big Brother house. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn Herman grew more jealous of both of her so-called best friends. She admitted to having feelings for Faysal, despite her at-home boyfriend.

Big Brother 20-Faysal Shafatt and Kaitlyn Herman

All this showmance drama started to interfere with everyone on F.O.U.T.T.E (Five of Us Till The End) side’s game. Chris “Swaggy C” Williams worried that Kaitlyn and Haleigh’s conflict over Faysal could lead to one of them joining Level Six. On Monday, Chris’s fears grew one step closer to reality.

Haleigh and Faysal ended up under the covers making out, and Kaitlyn saw them. She claimed to be fine with it all, but insisted that Faysal confirm that his potential romance with Haleigh wouldn’t drive a wedge and pull them apart. She wanted to stay his number one ally in Big Brother 20. He promised her that nothing would change. However, Faysal and Chris spent some time last night complaining about Kaitlyn annoying them.

Big Brother 2018-Faysal and Kaitlyn

Another part of this Kaitlyn-Faysal-Haleigh drama came from Chris accidentally telling Tyler Crispen, and Kaitlyn, about Faysal and his attempt to make a deal with Winston Hines and Brett Robinson. On Sunday’s Big Brother episode, we saw this deal not go through.

Kaitlyn didn’t like being left out the loop, and started to question if she could really trust her alliance, especially Faysal. Very late, around 1:30-2:30 am BBT, Haleigh had found out that Kaitlyn made a comment about Fayal and her looking like they were having sex under the covers.

Haleigh continued to grow upset, until she confronted Faysal about leading Kaitlyn on. She also clarified that she didn’t want a showmance with Faysal, and decided to no longer share a bed with him.

Haleigh calmed down enough to talk with Kaitlyn. The two women hashed it out. They redeclared their loyalty to one another (and their final two deal).  Haleigh also told Kaitlyn that she had no romantic interest in Faysal. She liked Tyler and liked their slow-burn romance.

Big Brother 20 Haleigh Broucher and Kaitlyn Herman

The duo also discussed how Bayleigh Dayton and Swaggy C seemed pretty invested in this drama. They started to discuss how Swaggy could be trying to cause tension in the group.

Kaitlyn and Haleigh admitted that they would be willing to help or vote out Swaggy next week if the power fell on the other side. They think he’s too much too handle, and a threat to their games. So Swaggy’s nightmare seems to be coming together.

Meanwhile, JC Mounduix and Sam Bledsoe (as a robot) got married. Angie “Rockstar” Lantry officiated the wedding.

The Snapcnat glasses came out, and we got some cute pictures and funny videos for CBS’s Snapchat. When Faysal wasn’t causing showmmance drama, he was finishing up a Hamazon log. This time he got some vegan ham that he could share with others.

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