The Big Brother21 houseguests started their day with a luxury competition (remember those Big Brother superfans?). It involved the houseguests having to spot the differences in the house, They also got to see a familiar face with Ovi Kabir returning to host the competition. It resulted in Jackson Michie winning another competition, and with that win, a cash prize. Jackson couldn’t completely enjoy his win because he felt a little guilty about winning over Cliff Hogg III. who has a family and major bills to worry about on the outside world.

Cliff told Jackson that he wasn’t worried about the cash prize or the luxury competition loss. But, he had to clarify somethings. He told Jackson that he when they discussed the final two scenario, he didn’t want things misinterpreted to cause any resentment down the line. He was all for Jackson taking him to the final two, but he wouldn’t do the same.

Cliff told Jackson that he made an agreement with Nicole to take her to the final two. He didn’t want to break that deal to Nicole. Later, Jackson informed Holly Allen what Cliff told him. It helped confirm Jackson’s plan (if he win today’s Veto competition) that he plans to vote to evict Cliff over Holly. Holly then shared that Nicole Anthony and Cliff approached her in the storage room about the original deal.

They said that it was unfair of them to force her to throw Head of Household and Veto but, if she wins Veto, she had to agree to evict Jackson and take Cliff. Holly then confirmed that she also planned to take Jackson if she won Veto, but would have to lie to Cliff about it. Cliff also threw Jackson under the bus (which Holly shared with Jackson) about Jackson making an agreement to take Cliff and Nicole to the finals over Holly.

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