When summer hits, we all know it is time for Big Brother. We can’t have a new game of Big Brother without a slew of alliances to kick off the season. Big Brother 21 is no different, and the houseguests have conspired to form duos, trios, foursomes, and this cast of characters have already established a super alliance comprised of half of the house.

Big Brother 21 Alliances

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The Big Brother 21 super alliance is called Gr8ful. This group is firmly in control of the house, at the moment, thanks to member Christie Murphy‘s Head of Household win. Members of the group include Christie, Jack Matthews, Jackson Michie, Tommy Bracco, Nick Maccarone, Isabella Wang, Analyse Talavera, and Holly Allen.

This group started out as a six person alliance until they realized adding two more houseguests would give them a majority voting block. With any group this large, the super alliance hasn’t been without conflict. Jack certainly ruffled HOH Christie’s feathers by trying to force her to backdoor Kemi Fakunle prior to the Power of Veto ceremony. Christie held strong and ended up nominating Ovi Kabir as the replacement for original nominee Cliff Hogg III.

Within the super pact, there are several deals amongst the group. Tommy and Christie knew one another prior to Big Brother 21 and are keeping their previous relationship a secret. They have sworn to have each other’s backs throughout the game. Jack and Jackson, AKA the pretty boys, have the hottest bromance of the summer thus far. A final four has been established between Holly, Christie, Analyse, and Tommy. Also, a final three was formed between Jack, Christie, and Tommy. On the verge of a showmance, Nick and Isabella are thick as thieves as are Isabella and Kemi, although Kemi is not part of the super alliance. Confused yet…just wait, there’s more.

Big Brother 21 Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy

Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy agreeing to keep their previous relationship a secret from the Big Brother 21 houseguests.

While hanging out in one of the Big Brother 21 bedrooms, Ovi overheard Tommy and Jack talking strategy. He wasn’t able to hear the exact details, but he was able to ascertain that they said something about an eight people. Ovi unknowingly ratted out Tommy and Jack to half of their own alliance, Gr8ful. To cover their tracks, that half of the Gr8ful formed a fake alliance with Ovi that included Analyse, Christie, Jack, Jackson, and Ovi, of course. They went as far as naming the group, Fam Five. No wonder Ovi looked so stunned when his co-alliance member Christie nominated him to the block at the POV ceremony. Needless to say, poor Ovi is clueless at this point in the game.

Big Brother 21 Fam Five

The fake alliance formed between Ovi Kabir and half of Gr8ful.

In addition to Ovi’s fake alliance, he has a deal with Cliff and Nicole Anthony.Girl power is in effect with the Black Widow alliance that includes Isabella, Kemi, Nicole, and Jessica Milagros. Jessica has tried to form an alliance with all the females in the house, but that has not come to fruition as of yet. A duo sub alliance within Black Widow was formed between Isabella and Kemi called Rush Hour. As mentioned previously, Isabella and Kemi are very tight right now in the game.

Big Brother 21 Black Widow

Black Widow solidifying their alliance.

Nick and Sam Smith have a pact together. Cliff and Jackson have an agreement to work together.  Finally, a trio was formed between Jackson, Kathryn, and Holly.

Big Brother 21 Jackson Michie and Cliff Hogg III

Cliff Hogg III and Jackson MIchie shaking to confirm their alliance.

That rounds out the first alliance report for Big Brother 21. As Big Brother fans know, these deals, pacts, and alliances can shift on a dime as the game progresses through the summer.  Check back each week for my alliance update to see which houseguests are working together in the Big Brother 21 house.

Big Brother 21

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