2013 big brother live feeds, big brother 15 live feeds, big brother 2013 live feeds, cbs big brother 15, realnetworks superpass big brother, big brother superpass, superpass big brother 15, how to watch big brother onlineWondering how to get the Big Brother Live Feeds in Canada for BB15? Well, we have bad news and good news as well about watching Big Brother 2013 on the live feeds from up North.

The bad news is that currently CBS is not officially offering Canadian residents, ex-pats or Americans living in Canada viewership of the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds for the U.S. version of the show. The good news is that there is a way to work around this issue for some people. After all, being without the live feeds for Big Brother 15 would suck!

We aren’t sure why CBS decided not to directly offer the Big Brother Live Feeds to Canadian viewers this season, but we think it is a shame. Perhaps Big Brother Canada just didn’t want to split viewership now that they have their own version of the show and it isn’t CBS’ fault at all. Whatever the reason, thousands of Big Brother USA lovers in Canada are feeling rather annoyed right now. There is hope, however, for those viewers willing to go to a little extra effort to get their hands on the live feeds.

This guide is intended for US viewers traveling outside US during Big Brother season wanting to keep being able to view their Live Feeds subscription. So if you really want to know how to get the Big Brother Live Feeds in Canada or any other non-US region, follow the steps to follow in order to tune in. Of course follow all the rules per CBS’s designation. And please be aware that signing up for the Big Brother Live Feeds with the intention of watching outside of the United States is a risky thing that may or may not work for you. Some have had success, some have not. We take no responsibility if you are unable to access the feeds.

Watch the Big Brother Live Feeds in Canada via VPN (Virtual Private Network)

If you are desperate to know ‘how do I watch the Big Brother Live Feeds in Canada?’ — there is one workaround that should give you the access you want with a minor additional cost. If you are outside of the U.S., you can use a VPN (virtual private network) to access the live feeds. You use a VPN to tell the Internet that you are watching from inside the country, not outside. Ex-pats and American citizens living in other countries do this all the time to view the Web as you would see and use it from inside the U.S.

How do I sign up for Big Brother Live Feeds in Canada?

Well, hopefully you’ll be kind enough to use our link to sign up and support our site in bringing you amazing Big Brother spoilers, news, gossip and more all season long. You can go through the whole sign up process as usual from Canada and using your Canadian credit card, but you will need to input a U.S. postal zip code with your address information. Um, so, you need to use one of those… mmm kay?

CBS Interactive Inc.

How do I get VPN Access?

There are a lot of VPN access services out there, but our recommended favorites for high speed and quality are StrongVPN.com and PureVPN.com. HideMyAss.com also comes well recommended by some users. There are totally free VPN services, but they are of lower speed and quality and live streaming video isn’t going to work out so well with those for the most part. The cost various a bit between VPN services, but is generally around $20 to $30 for three months of service — so kind of like paying in total for what the Big Brother Live Feeds themselves cost last year. Not so bad! We recommend the “Lite PPTP VPN” package at StrongVPN.com at $21.00 for three months.

So I have my Big Brother Live Feeds subscription and my VPN access, now what?

Now it’s time to get your VPN working so you can go to CBS.com and watch the live feeds whenever you want. The good news is that all of the VPN services above have great tutorials for how to setup your VPN (and it isn’t that difficult really). If you signed up for the Strong VPN package above, there is a nice tutorial for getting that going right here. Once you have the VPN setup and you are logged in, you just go to CBS.com, sign in, and start having fun!

Something is not working…

If you’ve done all of the above, then we suggest consulting tech support with your VPN service. Unfortunately we cannot provide tech support for this issue as we are inside the United States and can only share what we have found out there and has been sent to us by our readers on this issue. Good luck!

* UPDATE: After you have your VPN service working, if you are still blocked from the feeds, please clear your cookies and Internet history. Or try using a new browser (Chrome, Mozilla or IE, whichever you haven’t previously used). This has apparently worked for some viewers.

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