Last night’s Big Brother 2014 episode sealed the fate of one more contestant. Before they left, they made sure (for better or worse) to give the Big Brother 16  fans an entertaining send-off. Then the Puppet Master Derrick set his next plan in motion. Before the night ended, glitter was everywhere and Team America was getting more money than anyone wanted to give them.

Julie, Victoria, and Frankie

After the nominations ceremony, Frankie begins to freak out about his nomination. Caleb makes it worse when he reveals a conversation he had with Derrick and Cody earlier. He tells Frankie that they mentioned that he could make a big move by taking Victoria off the block. Therefore, forcing Caleb to nominate Derrick and Cody, which would send one of them home. Of course, Caleb’s honesty causes a little annoyance and panic from The Hitman.

Team America is over, but they have one last individual mission: if either Frankie or Derrick wins the $500,000, they also get an additional $50,000 “for all their hard work for America.”

Derrick BBFreak Show

The “BB Freak Show” Veto competition is replayed, with a couple major changes to it. The first change is that they have six new mashup pictures, and the final one will include two faces with six people to identify. The last change is that now the first person to play sets the time to beat. Then every player after him or her has to try to do better than the previously set highest score, or they’re eliminated.

Cody is the first houseguest to play, and sets a time of 2:21. Caleb goes after Cody. He quickly messes up by forgetting to turn off some of his lights from the previous mashup. He’s eliminated. Then Victoria plays and gets hung up on one mashup and is eliminated. Frankie quickly panics and performs really badly. Derrick kicks it into gear and almost beats Cody’s time. Cody beats him by a few seconds and wins the Power of Veto. Therefore sealing Frankie’s eviction fate.

Cody wins Freak Show

During the Veto Ceremony, Cody decides not to use the Veto. Then Frankie tries to make his last plea to Derrick and him. He tells them that Caleb will be his new target for his lack of loyalty. He hopes that his desire to get Caleb out of the game will make them want to keep him in the house.

During the final speeches, Victoria mentions how hard she’s worked to get to the final five. The crowd can’t help but laugh. Frankie’s final speech kind of just becomes a shoutout to his family and fans. He does, however, try to get Cody and Derrick to honor their final four deal by mentioning it in his speech.

Frankie Glitter

Frankie is evicted by a 2-0 vote.

Before leaving the house, he individually addresses the final four houseguests. He gives Caleb a king token from the chess board. He says that he’s been the king all summer and returning the king to him. He tells Derrick as the only responsible adult left, to please don’t kill his fishes. He tells Victoria to “win something.” Finally, he tells Cody he’s had better.

Some of the things Julie asks Frankie about are: his comment to Cody, being a huge target, and his feelings toward Derrick now that he betrayed him. Some of the highlight answers are: that he believes Cody may not have really been his friend/playing him. He also said that he wanted to play the game with integrity and can’t lose things. It’s not in his nature. He also tries to ask Julie about Ariana and how her album is doing. Julie tells him she can’t give out any outside information.

Tie Breaker: Cody and Derrick

The “Foggy Memory” Head of Household competition involved players listening to Julie read an event. Then they have to guess if that event happened before or after the second event she reads. The player with the highest score after seven rounds, wins the HoH competition.

After seven rounds, the final scores are Cody: 6, Derrick: 6 and Victoria: 4.

They must use a tie breaker question to decide who is the new Head of Household between Cody and Derrick. Julie asks them: how long (in seconds) was the jurors’ luxury competition from the start to finish? The answer is 462 seconds. Derrick guesses 420, which makes him the closest without going over. This secures Derrick’s final three spot and makes him the new HoH.

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