The first highlight episode of the season opened with a brisk run through of the HouseGuest’s entrances into the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house. Louie Spence laughingly pointed out that you could see Courtney Stodden’s knickers as she came down the stairs to enter the house house.   Lauren Harrie coyly said that she didn’t think Courtney’s breasts were her own, to which Louie quickly replied “Oh Babe they aren’t hers, she’s got two bleeding footballs.”

Cult of Celebrity

Once Abz Love had entered the house, Bruce Jones remarked to him that making the entrance was similar to walking The Green Mile.  Courtney wasted no time in announcing “oh The Green Mile, my husband was in The Green Mile.”  They all reminisced about what a vile character Doug Hutchison had played in the film.

Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby came barreling into the house squealing about needing wine and being overwhelmed. In the Cult of Celebrity temple, Louie Spence proclaimed that Charlotte was going to freak the Americans out.  Vicky Entwhistle was quick to point out to Charlotte that there was a limited amount of wine, and she must exhibit some self-control, Charlotte looked totally dejected by this realization.

The Cult of Celebrity members caught Ron Atkinson looking at Courtney’s chest.  Louie said, “of course he’s looking, he can’t help it, they are two giant footballs, and that is what he’s used to.”

By the time they were allowed into the giant bedroom to select beds Courtney was officially drunk and shrieking instead of speaking.  Around midnight, Courtney made the horrifying discovery that her shampoo bottle had exploded all over her favorite stuffed bunny which lead to a shrieking damsel in distress routine in the courtyard.

Charlotte confessed to Big Brother that she felt comfortable with most of her housemates except for Vicky.  She felt that Vicky might be judging her for her hard partying and wild antics.  When asked by Big Brother how she planned to handle the situation, Charlotte said that she hoped Vicky would learn to lower her standards.  Earlier in the day Big Brother asked the HouseGuests to quickly pick the two most famous celebrities amongst them, the group chose Vicky and Bruce.  Charlotte told Big Brother that she really didn’t think Vicky and Bruce were the two most famous celebrities in the Big Brother house because she doesn’t watch Coronation Street, then went on to mention that everyone she knows or has ever known watches Coronation Street.

Courtney cornered Ron in the kitchen by himself for a chat about marriage.  Courtney’s speech felt very rehearsed.

“I don’t know if you heard about it, it was an International media storm, all these media outlets ran with it and got obsessed with us, and me quite frankly.  Love is love you know, regardless of age and gender, love is love where ever you find it I’m accepting of that.  People thought that I was a gold digger, and that I was marrying for Hollywood and for money, quite frankly there are so many men that I could have married with more money. We’re very happy.  In the olden days this happened all the time, young women marrying much older men.”

Meanwhile, in the Cult of Celebrity temple, Big Brother made the members put shiny gold hooded capes on to perform a ceremony and select three people to possibly face eviction.  Louie chose Ron because he didn’t think they had much in common.  Sophie Anderton picked Courtney because she didn’t think they had much in common and didn’t think she could handle her laugh for an extended period of time.  Lauren chose Carol because she thought that she was miserable, and not forth right.

In the kitchen Mario Falcone, Danielle Marr, Carol Mcgiffin, and Ron were discussing how nice the house was and how well everyone was getting along.  Mario stated that he suspected there was at least one more housemate who had not entered the house yet and was probably hidden away observing them.  Sharp one, that Mario!

Mario and Carol talked in the kitchen about Courtney’s marriage.  Carol was dumbfounded by the age difference and the fact that she was only 18.  Mario said that he doesn’t blame her because she was so young and naive when she got married, he blamed her parents for not guiding her better.

Bruce and Vicky were wearing snow hats, eye masks, and sleeping bags on their bed in the courtyard. Vicky warned Bruce that he better not try to snog her.  Sleeping outdoors in a double bed was the prize for being voted the two most famous HouseGuests.  Careful what you wish for in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

In the diary room Mario spoke with Big Brother about how he had a crush on Carol. He was impressed by her legs, the fact that she is engaged to a man not much older than he is and that she got “proper pissed” (drunk). Mario thought that dating a mature older woman might help repair his womanizing reputation.

The next day Big Brother had the Cult of Celebrity members re-enter the house individually, they were instructed to tell the HouseGuests that they had been staying in a hotel room for the past two days. Louie entered the house and handed a bottle of champagne to Ron signifying that he was the choice for nomination. Big Brother then announced to the HouseGuests that Ron will be the first nominated HouseGuest for eviction based on a public vote.

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