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Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 5 Monday Review

By: on August 9, 2011 |

WARNING: Reviews and recaps on may inherently contain SPOILERS you may not want to read! Please beware!

To catch up on the latest in the Big Brother 13 house, here’s the rundown from the Big Brother live feeds. Head of Household Kalia had conspired with Shelly to put Porsche up on the block against Rachel. Daniele, however, was not cool with this idea and told Kalia this was not kosher. Then, in a very weird twist, Lawon volunteered to go up on the block instead of Porsche so he can get evicted. Because, apparently he is convinced the next eliminated houseguest will get to come back to the game and be Head of Household. (More on this here.)

Kalia tells Shelly all about Lawon volunteering to go up on the block and Daniele being on board with it. So now Shelly is kind of mad that Porsche is not going to be put up, but thinks to keep herself safe she needs to go with what’s going on. Kalia is happy because with Lawon volunteering to go up, she doesn’t have to piss anyone off by putting up an unwilling person.

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!SPOILER ALERT! – Big Brother 13 Week 5 Veto Ceremony Results

By: on August 8, 2011 |

The results of the Big Brother 13 Veto Ceremony for week five are in. Want to know who won that precious veto and if they used it to take someone off the block and disrupt the plans of Head of Household Kalia and her veteran ally Daniele? Just click underneath the SPOILER alert below!

[spoiler name=”Big Brother 13 Week 5 Veto Ceremony Results”]

Veteran player Jeff won the Power of Veto this week and took himself off the block, as expected. However, the replacement nominee selection comes as kind of a surprise if you haven’t been keeping up with the backdoor dealing on the Big Brother live feeds.

You’d think Daniele would push Kalia to the end of the earth to get Rachel out at this point. The wisest move to get her out likely would have been to put up Porsche as the replacement nominee. At first, this seems to be the plan, with Shelly convincing Kalia this would be the best move. Shelly, of course, has been working with Rachel and Brendon (among others) and she’s trying to get herself in the best position for the long haul.

Daniele, however, who is really the power behind the Head of Household this week, isn’t into this plan. She wants Rachel OUT. Kalia thinks eliminating a floater will get the rest of the houseguests off their back for a while.

Kalia talks to Shelly again. She is still liking the keeping Rachel and eliminating a floater idea. She wants Shelly to get promises from Jeff, Jordan and Rachel that if she keeps Rachel, they won’t come after her (and Daniele).

Jeff tells Kalia he will support her plan to keep Rachel and eliminate a floater from Big Brother. However, Jeff has told Jordan that he still plans on going after Daniele and Kalia.

Daniele is still not pleased with the plan to put up Porsche and that the other veterans will end up with all the power. Kalia says she can make a deal with Rachel to keep them off her and Daniel’s back.

Then things get crazier than anyone could anticipate when Lawon starts thinking the person evicted this week will return as the new Head of Household. That’s because of the whole ‘twist’ host Julie Chen mentioned about the next houseguest elimated having a chance to return to the show.

Lawon, Porsche and Daniele start working the idea of getting Lawon put up against Rachel instead of Porsche. Lawon actually thinks getting evicted will be a GOOD thing. He’s so clueless. Daniele thinks this is a ‘genius’ plan. She needs smacking.

This could be one of the weirdest plays in the Big Brother 13 house so far. And not only will Lawon probably end up getting royally screwed, Kalia and Daniele could very well be digging their own Big Brother graves.

So, against all better sense, Kalia decides to put up Lawon as the replacement nominee. If all goes according to their plan, Lawon will get evicted, leaving Rachel behind to go after Kalia and Daniele. Kalia and Daniele, of course, don’t give a flying f**k if Lawon actually stands any chance of returning to the house. He’s just their pawn. But they could be totally screwed with Rachel coming after them and Jordan and Jeff still aiming for them as well.

Lawon tells Shelly after the renom that he is pissed about being put up, even though he is not. She says she heard he volunteered, which he denies. She said that is good because it would be a completely stupid move.

Well, yeah, we don’t really have anything else to add to that comment.

What do you think of this crazy move and who do you think will really end up going home this week?



!SPOILER ALERT! – Big Brother 13 Week 5 Veto Competition Results

By: on August 6, 2011 |

Last night on the Big Brother live feeds, Head of Household Kalia was called into the Diary Room and told they would be picking out the Veto players any minute. Turns out the Big Brother 13 week 5 Veto Competition didn’t actually happen until this morning. Such teases they are!

If you want to know who ended up playing for the Power of Veto and which houseguest walked away with the all-important prize, just click underneath the SPOILER alert below.

[spoiler name=”Week 4 Power of Veto Competition Results”]

Kalia as Head of Household and Rachel and Jeff as the nominees played this week against Jordan, Adam and Shelly. Porsche was the host for the competition. Unfortunately for Rachel,  Jeff’s threat to Daniele that he was going to win that Power of Veto proved correct. Jeff won the POV and he will no doubt use it to take himself off the block.

We hope Daniele is shaking in her boots right now knowing that Jeff is coming after her ass whether she puts Jordan up as the replacement nominee or not. Pushing Kalia to put Jeff up on the eviction block may have not been the wisest move. Daniele pretty much destroyed possibly the strongest Big Brother alliance in the history of the show all over her little boy toy Dominic. Now she may end up paying for that betrayal very soon…

Daniele doesn’t seem to have the balls to have Kalia put up Jordan as the replacement nominee. Instead, she wants Kalia to put up Adam as the replacement nominee. Daniele really wants to get Rachel out. Kalia is worried that if she should renom Porshe, she might get sent home instead of Rachel. Of course, Adam might be none-too-pleased about being put up on the block even if the plan is for him to be a pawn.


The Veto ceremony will take place on Monday and we’ll bring you all the Big Brother 13 spoilers. Get on to the Big Brother live feeds and check out all the action yourself with a 3-Day Free Trial from RealNetworks Superpass.


!SPOILER ALERT! – Big Brother 13 Week 5 Nominations

By: on August 6, 2011 |

The first newbie Head of Household on Big Brother 13 has made her nominations for eviction. Of course, with one of the veteran players whispering constantly in Kalia‘s ear, it’s pretty obvious who is really running the show.

If you want to know who Kalia nominated to go up on the block this week, just click underneath the SPOILER ALERT below!

[spoiler name=”Week 5 Nomination Results”]

With new Head of Household Kalia practically living in Daniele‘s pocket, it really isn’t much of a surprise who she puts up as nominees as eviction. Daniele has wanted Rachel out since the vets burned her little boy toy Dominic. So it was no surprise at all when Kalia nominated Rachel. Pretty much everyone but Porsche couldn’t care less if Rachel goes home at this point.

With the second nominee, however, Kalia and Daniele are playing on more dangerous ground in Big Brother 13. Daniele knows she is on shaky terms with Jeff and Jordan since she pretty much sunk the veterans alliance. She’s also pissed at them for their part in getting Dominic out. She doesn’t trust them and they don’t trust her. And Kalia, of course, is pretty much following Daniele’s lead.

Still, Kalia deciding to nominate Jeff for eviction is perhaps not the smartest idea. You KNOW Jordan is going to go balls to the wall after anyone who threatens her guy. When Kalia tells Jeff and Jordan who she is putting up, they are furious. A big, ugly, fun as hell fight ensues. If you have the Big Brother live feeds, you can use the Flashback feature to run the camera back and watch all the drama at just after 5:00PM, August 5th on Camera 3.

Jordan storms out. Jeff tells Kalia she is now his number one target. He says he’s going to get the veto and come after her hard. There was lots of loud aggressive rude going on. Too much fun! Kalia had no time to reconsider her nominations after the blowout as Big Brother called everyone immediately into the nomination ceremony right after the fight.

Stay tuned for the dish on the Power of Veto Competition results, which should probably happen on Saturday.


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Big Brother 13 Episode 13: Live Eviction and Head of Household Results

By: on August 5, 2011 |

WARNING: Reviews and recaps on may inherently contain SPOILERS you may not want to read! Please beware!

Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother 13 kicked off with Head of Household Daniele happy as can be that Brendon is on the eviction block. All of her “Big Brother dreams” are coming true!

Jordan, however, is still nervous about being up as the pawn against Brendon even with all the reassurance from pretty much everyone in the house that she will not be voted out. She hopes they are being honest because she has a special “eviction dress” for when/if she gets eliminated.

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