Big Brother 14 Superpass Hosts Announced For ‘Rants & Roars’

By: on June 29, 2012 |

This year we will also have a brand new exclusive show available through the Big Brother live feeds Superpass subscription called “Rants & Roars”. Guess who will be hosting this one? Ready to groan? Oh yes, this is kind of even more facepalm worthy than Rachel Rielly… The new hosts for “Rants & Roars” are: Matt Hoffman and Adam Poch.

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Big Brother 14 Superpass ‘Rumor Control’ Hosts Announced

By: on June 28, 2012 |

One of our favorite things about the Big Brother live feed subscription on RealNetworks Superpass is all the exclusive goodies we get to watch, such as the usually highly entertaining ‘Rumor Control’ show.

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