Big Brother 13 Episode 7: Thursday Night Recap

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Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother 13 on CBS has definitely pissed off more than a few fans who just can’t believe what’s been going on inside the house so far this year.

Host Julie Chen tells us at the opening of Thursday night’s episode that it’s day 20 in the Big Brother 13 house, but for some it is starting too feel too much like they are watching reruns of a previous season. With the veteran alliance still holding together (for now), it seems like the newbies to the Big Brother game are just waiting to be picked off one by one.

Even though the veterans are still holding it together, there is definitely a lot of animosity going on. Jordan, of course, initially defied her alliance with Brendon, Rachel & Daniele to nominate Dominic & Adam first. When Dominic won the Power of Veto and took himself and Adam off the block, Jordan felt she had no choice but to put up Cassi and Shelly. But she is not happy about it and says they are the last people she wanted to put up.

Then, of course, we had the nasty fight between Jeff and Rachel over a snarky comment she made about Jordan during the Veto Competition. The vets may still be sticking together right now, but I just can’t WAIT until the backstabbing and back-dooring among the vets ensues. I hope Jordan and Jeff are going to eat Rachel alive!

It seems pretty obvious to everyone with a brain that it is Cassi who will be heading home in this eviction. Shelly says she feels bad about it, but she’s glad she is safe. Cassi is still pissed about the whole situation and knows she stands virtually no chance of staying. Dominic says it sucks to have had a hand in sending his “good friend” home.

Rachel, being the diva that she is, says that although Jordan may have thought of doing something different, she did what Rachel wanted in the end because she ‘always gets her way’. (Pardon me while I throw up in my mouth a little.)

After the replacement nominations are announced, Shelly ends up going to the Have Not room to cry. Talking in the Diary Room, Shelly said she feels horrible about making the decision to go with the veterans and vote Keith out and lying to Cassi. Cassi, meanwhile, is clueless about Shelly’s plotting with the vets and continues to praise her for being so awesome and stuff. We can’t help but wonder what she’ll be thinking about Shelly after she sees what she’s been doing behind her back.

Shelly isn’t the only one crying either. Jordan also gets teary over having to put up Cassi and Shelly being upset about it too. Jordan says that she hopes Rachel doesn’t screw them over and flip on them. Jeff comforts her by saying he will shoot her if she does.

Shelly says she hates keeping the secret about voting against Keith from Cassi. She has told her daughter repeatedly that lying and deceiving people is “never good” and punishes her when she lies by making her write “I will always tell the truth.” But now Shelly is upset that her daughter is going to see her Mom lying and deceiving people in front of god and everyone. Well, what did you think you were going to be doing on Big Brother if you really want to win?

Over in the Have Not room we get into some of the nasty cat-fighting between Rachel and Cassi that everyone on the Big Brother live feeds has been enjoying far too much. Cassi confronts Rachel and wants to know what she has done to piss her off. Rachel tells her she was offended when Cassi badmouthed Porsche, her little butt buddy. Rachel also says she heard Cassi was wanting to go after the couples. Cassi argues that everyone was saying that and why should she be blamed?

Cassi says she thinks Rachel wants rid of her because she is a pretty girl. Rachel is pissed off as hell and says Cassi’s game play is horrible. Cassi then tells Rachel that she is a “catty, catty girl, ugly person inside” and stomps out.

Rachel is royally pissed off and goes up to the Head of Household room to weep (very fake-like crying) about her fight with Cassi to Jordan. Rachel says in the Diary room that Cassi is the “meanest fighter in the world” and says that just because she has bad game play that Cassi shouldn’t take it out on her.

Jordan tells Rachel that if she is “being honest”, sometimes Rachel comes across as “being bitchy” and maybe doesn’t realize sometimes what she is saying. Rachel says she is not a mean girl and not a villain and she’s sick of everyone thinking she is. But Jordan tells her that “her mouth is going to get you in trouble and you’re going to get a target for all of us.” Daniele and Brendon both come in and Brendon tells Rachel that it isn’t “worth it” to be upset over Cassi.

After Brendon comes down, Cassi confronts him about why he and Rachel changed their deal with her and Shelly. A week ago, Rachel & Brendon had said they wanted to work with Cassi & Shelly. Brendon says things changed because they couldn’t trust her. Cassi swears on her father that she is not a liar and would have stuck to the deal with them.

After a commercial break, Julie Chen shows off clips from the Have Not competition. Kalia claims she is “doing a lot better” after she was injured and everyone has been supportive. (From watching the Big Brother live feeds, most seem to think that whole injury thing was pretty faked.)

Adam tells Julie he owes Dominic his Big Brother life for winning the Veto Competition. Of course, we know that Adam was never really in any danger because of his deal with the Vets.

Next up we have clips from friends and family of Adam and Dominic. Adam’s girlfriend talks about how he auditioned for Big Brother last year too and how wanting to be on the show motivated him to lose over 100 lbs. Dominic’s best friend, meanwhile, talks about how he is a 25-year-old virgin and Big Brother is the first time he’s ever slept away from home.

Julie talks with Jordan in the HOH room and asks about the alliance with Brendon and Rachel. Jordan says it is fun right now and it is too early to put them up because one would still be in the house and come after her and Jeff. Asked about her relationship, Jordan says she and Jeff haven’t talked about marriage or kids yet because they need to live in the same state first.

Before the eviction votes are cast, Cassi tells all the houseguests she feels blessed to have been there at all. She tells Shelly she is an extraordinary woman and she adores her and loves her. Shelly tells Cassi she is beautiful inside and out and all class.

The houseguests go one by one to vote and the results are a surprise to no one. The houseguests vote in order to evict Cassi: Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Adam, Dominic, Daniele, Lawon and Porshe. Dominic and Kalia both say they are sad to vote for Cassi. Cassi is out and now Shelly has a golden key pass to the top ten.

Cassi receives big applause as she exits the house for her interview with Julie. As for us, we have to listen to Rachel peeing because apparently someone forgot to turn off her microphone while she pissed.

Speaking to Julie, Cassi says she didn’t throw in the towel but going against Shelly was her biggest nightmare because she adored and respected her so much. She says it is unfortunate that jealousy still is such an issue. Cassi said it was just an unspoken thing that the newbies would go against the vets from the beginning. Cassi said she just wanted to play a clean game.

In the goodbye videos, Jordan says she is so sorry to see her leave, but she couldn’t turn against her alliance. She also says it is a shame that “other people’s jealousy had to come in.” Speaking of Rachel, she says in her goodbye that Cassi is “the worst game player probably ever in Big Brother.” Dominic says the attacks against Cassi made him furious. Shelly says Cassi is the “Thelma to my Louise” and says voting her out was the “hardest thing” she’s had to do.

The Head of Household Competition was called “BB Online” and featured questions asked of America about the houseguests. Jordan as Head of Household and Daniele, Porsche and Shelly as golden key holders are not allowed to compete.

Head of Household Competition Results:

Question 1: According to America, which houseguest would they rather get mouth to mouth ressuccitation from: A: Jeff or B: Brendon? The correct answer is Jeff. All get it right.

Question 2: Which houseguest is more likely to warm the pool with something other than their charm? A: Adam or B: Kalia? The correct answer is Ada. All get it right.

Question 3: Which houseguest is more likely to steal someone’s lover? A: Rachel or B: Porsche? The correct answer is Rachel. Kalia is wrong and out (but throwing the competition obviously.)

Question 4: Which houseguest is more likely to save someone from a burning building? A: Shelly or B: Brendon? The correct answer is Brendon. Jeff is wrong and out.

Question 5: Which houseguest would they rather see spend the entire summer wearing a bikini? A: Porsche or B: Daniele? The correct answer is Daniele. Adam, Lawon and Dominic get it wrong and are out. It is now just Brendon and Rachel. Damnit.

Question 6: Which houseguest would they rather cheat off for a test? A: Jordan or B: Lawon? The correct answer is Jordan. Rachel and Brendon both get it wrong.

Question 7: Which houseguest is more likely to seriously go bananas in the Big Brother house. A: Adam or B: Dominic? The correct answer is Adam. Rachel gets it right and is now Head of Household. Again.

See what we mean about this season kind of feeling like a rerun? It’s Rachel, Rachel, Rachel non-stop. And if it isn’t Rachel, it’s Jeff and Jordan. Or Daniele attempting to seduce another boy-toy to her will.  A lot of folks out there are complaining that the newbies hardly stand any kind of chance and we have to say we are getting a bit sick of most of the action being at the hands of the vets.

On Sunday’s episode, we’ll see who is nominated by Rachel for eviction and also watch a ‘celebrity’ guest visit the Big Brother 13 house. Wednesday’s episode will feature the Power of Veto competition. On Thursday’s live show, Julie says a “change in the game will force everyone to re-think their strategy,” which makes us wonder if that is when duos will be ended.

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