Before the Big Brother 15 finale on CBS, we had already made our final prediction on who we thought was most likely to win. Whether we liked it or not, our bet was placed on Andy Herren becoming the first openly gay Big Brother winner in the show’s history. That doesn’t mean, however, that we are going to be all that happy about him taking home the half million dollar prize.

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Honestly, we just don’t like Andy Herren. Frankly, it doesn’t seem like very many other people do either. But despite how often Andy is called a “floater” out there by the fans, the truth is that he has never really been one. He managed, at various times, to work with, spy on and manipulate multiple alliances at the same time. He played a mean social game that let him work behind the scenes all season without ever once being in serious danger of going home.

When Helen Kim and Amanda Zuckerman were leading the opposing sides of the house, Andy successfully played them both and eventually was instrumental in getting both of them evicted. Andy has been right there, an intricate and integral part of most of the major evictions of the season. In fact, he’s pretty much been the pivotal vote around which others have rotated quite often.

In some ways, Andy has been the very opposite of a floater. He’s always been deeply entrenched in at least one alliance, usually several at the same time. He’s been involved in nearly every major alliance this season, while usually spying on that same alliance and reporting it to his other alliances. We didn’t call him “pop-up Andy” or “ninja Andy” for no good reason. Andy was everywhere at all times and knew pretty much everything that was happening in the game most of the time, no matter who was involved! Plus, he didn’t try to float through competitions except for a few times, and actually won his fare share of them.

Through all of this, Andy Herren managed to keep his dual loyalties and secret side deals totally hidden through until he just ran out of options and had to directly work to evict one of his main allies. Then, even though he was found out to be a backstabbing, manipulative, huge liar working both sides of the house — he STILL only went up on the block one time. And wasn’t evicted even though it would have been the much smarter move to vote him out instead of Aaryn. Then, he managed to continue to work his social game so hard, he ended up in the last alliance standing and convinced Spencer Clawson and GinaMarie Zimmerman he was a much better person to take to the final three than McCrae Olson or Judd Daughtery… despite the fact that he was really a bigger threat than either.

9-18-2013 10-08-46 AMAndy made it to the final three with a win in the second round of the final Head of Household Competition under his belt. We thought he stood the best chance of winning the final round against GinaMarie and would get to pick who he took to the final two. He did exactly that. But that’s when Andy threw us for a real loop though and decided to take GM to the final two because he promised to be loyal to her with a final two deal the very first day of the season. When we got to the question and answer session with the Jury, Andy’s decision to take GM rather than Spencer became yet another weapon in his arsenal as he proved that yes, in addition to everything else, he really could be totally loyal.

So, why, exactly, do we hate Andy so much for playing the game that may very well get him to that half million dollar prize?

Because he is purely, simply, a total a**hole. Seriously. He is. There is nothing likeable about Andy. We’re sad that he is potentially going to be the “gay” face of Big Brother winners in the future and be portrayed as the poster child for why this season redeemed itself from having the most racist, homophobic, misogynistic cast ever on the show.

Andy has been almost as racist in his remarks on the show as Aaryn Gries, who has been ripped apart on the CBS show and in the media for her comments on the Big Brother Live Feeds. He’s threatened violence (jokingly) against other HouseGuests and mockingly threatened suicide if Elissa Slater wins America’s Favorite Player. He’s laughed and agreed with other HouseGuests when they have been openly racist, homophobic and misogynistic — and often added his own comments. (And since Andy mentioned this on Twitter, here are a few links for you: afro thugs, suicide jokes, Elissa hate & racism by proxy, sneaky Helen reference, robotic biracials.)

When GinaMarie made racist remarks about Elissa’s son and called him a b*stard, he went there right along with her. When GM made nasty comments about Candice being adopted and how that means she couldn’t have been raised right and her parents didn’t love her, he laughed along with her. Andy has also made horrible remarks about women in general and female players like Elissa and Amanda in particular. He’s said deeply, disturbingly personal insults at other players that are the worst kind of bullying and insults imaginable.

9-18-2013 07-55-41 PMAndy may be the Big Brother 15 winner but he’ll still go down in history as one of the most hated HouseGuests ever. Honestly, we’d rather burn the 500k than give it to someone who has behaved the way he has inside the Big Brother 2013 house. We’d love for him to go back and watch what a horrible d*uchebag he’s been all season and decide to donate all his ill-gotten gains to charity.

But when it comes down to it, however, Andy Herren played the game. We can hate him for how he played but he didn’t just sit by and sleep his way to the end. You might even argue that Andy played the game extremely well. Not epically. Not All Stars worthy game play. But very well. And, in the end, he played that game all the way to the finale and even the win. Even if he is a ratfink dirtbag we hope never to have to watch on camera again.

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