Big Brother 18 ‘Battle Back’ Special: Who Will Return?

The Big Brother 18 ‘Battle Back’ special competition will air this coming Friday. The first five evicted houseguests will fight it out to determine which one of them will get to go back inside the house for a second chance at a half million dollars.


So far, the contestants we know will be in the ‘Battle Back’ competition are Glenn Garcia, Jozea Flores, Victor Arroyo, and Bronte D’Aquisto. With Natalie Negrotti in virtually no danger at all this week as one of the three eviction nominees, we are certain it will be either Tiffany Rousso or Da’Vonne Rogers who ends up as the final competitor.

Although the evicted houseguests did (and in the case of this week’s) will get to view some of the goodbye messages from their fellow players, they are likely clueless about what has been going on in the house since their departure. That should prove interesting when one of them gets thrown back into the fray, especially as torn and divided as the house is right now — with almost every previous strong alliance now burned out and in ashes.

The eliminated players might have garnered a few previously unknown clues that might help their game play based on goodbye messages and things host Julie Chen told them during their interviews. However, it’s virtually certain they know nothing else about what the other houseguests have been up to since they left. That’s typical sequester isolation in these situations.

Whether or not they’ve been allowed to talk to each other is a question mark. If they were allowed to talk without being told not to spill secrets, then the returning houseguest could come back in armed with more information than some might think is fair. We think that’s not very likely though. Generally when there is a returning houseguest, they are kept out of the loop from such things.

The players still inside the house have been warned they will be going on an extended lockdown, which is sure to make them contemplate what special thing might be happening. They are very likely to be told or figure out in advance there will be a returning player, but we’re not sure when. If that does happen, it will probably be AFTER the Big Brother Live Feeds are shut off at some point for the long promised downtime between Thursday’s live show and the end of Friday’s special episode.

Whichever houseguest does end up winning the Battle Back will probably be given a week of safety by production so they don’t immediately end up out the door again. We’re also hoping the return will spell the end of the team twist so we can get rid of that whole thing where the entire team of the Head of Household ends up safe for the week. The Roadkill competition, however, will probably still continue for a number of weeks to come, which would actually be MORE fun without the whole team immunity aspect.

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