Big Brother 18 Power Rankings – Week 10

Another week closer to the Big Brother 18 finale, and we’re still watching the power in the house shifting around like mad. While it may seem like Paul Abrahamian and Victory Arroyo were on top of the world for a while there, now they are in serious danger of having their closest allies — Corey and Nicole — turn against them.

Big Brother 18 Cast (CBS)
Big Brother 18 Cast (CBS)

There has been talking on the Big Brother Live Feeds that if veteran James Huling survives Thursday night’s eviction, Nicole and Corey might well turn on their Final Four pact with Victor and James. If they do, they’d have the numbers to very possibly get out either Paul or Victor next week. On the other hand, Paul and Victor could well turn on them instead, especially after the ‘loudspeaker incident’ yesterday where some fan was able to yell into the backyard that Nicole and James allegedly have a Final 2 deal.

So where does that leave us with our Big Brother Power Rankings this week?

6. Natalie Negrotti – Natalie is simply going this week because she’s viewed as a larger threat than James. Victor’s original target was James, but it looks like Corey, Nicole and Paul have convinced him Natalie should go home. Natalie’s problem is her last HOH where she nominated Victor and he was evicted. Paul and Victor have no trust in her anymore and that’s why she is vulnerable.

5. Paul Abrahamian – If he doesn’t win HOH next week, I could see him going home. I do believe Corey, Nicole or James will take a strike at him next week if he is not in power. The odds are 1/4 that he wins HOH, which means 75 % chance he is on the block next week. Corey and Nicole have a better bond with Victor, so I would expect Paul to go home before Victor.

4. James Huling – If James does survive this week, I like his chances of getting to the final three. Corey and Nicole are going to protect him next week if they can because they think he’s weaker than Paul and Victor. But there’s also a chance James goes if Paul wins HOH and Victor wins POV because he would be nominated very likely against Nicole. The best thing James can do next week is to win HOH and ensure his safety.

3. Victor Arroyo – Victor needs to do what he does best and win competitions. He’s at risk next week as he is unable to play in the Head of Household, but winning the power of veto is big for him next week. There’s always a chance of the house getting rid of him if he’s on the block post nominations because he has
won a total of nine competitions.

2. Corey Brooks – Corey is playing an underrated, but very smart game and I feel he’s not given enough credit. I think Corey only goes if he is sitting next to Nicole because she has better relationships with Victor and James. One would think Corey would be the better option to take to the end because Nicole would appear to be better in mental competitions.

1. Nicole Franzel – I am not overall impressed with her gameplay, but she is the safest going into next week. I can’t really imagine a scenario where she gets booted next week and she has put herself in a good situation to guarantee herself for final four. I think Nicole is the odds on favorite to win the game right now, but her jury management may come back to haunt her. The majority of the jury does not like her and that could cost her the game.

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