Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Another Evicted Houseguest Will Return to the Game

The Big Brother 18 jury house just became a little smaller, because Paulie Calafiore became the fourth member of the Big Brother 18 jury. His fellow Big Brother 2016 houseguests decided to send him off by a vote of 5 to 0. His game coffin got another nail in it when he did not hold the Roundtrip ticket. He joins other jury members Da’Vonne Rogers, Zakiyah Everette, and Bridgette Dunning in the Big Brother 2016 juror house.


During yesterday’s show, Big Brother showed a brief segment of Zakiyah and Bridgette entering the juror house. They mainly discussed how Paulie messed up Zakiyah’s game, and how Bridgette tried to expose his game right before her eviction.

The jury segment ended with all three women chanting “Paulie” because they want him to enter the Big Brother 18 house next. This should set up an interesting dynamic when Paulie enters the jury house on Friday.

After Paulie’s eviction, host Julie Chen announced that the first five jurors will play for a chance to return to the Big Brother 18 house. This makes sense considering the fact that the Big Brother Roundtrip ticket did not come into play tonight. CBS needs something to ensure that they have enough houseguests for 99 days of game play, and still have another Big Brother double eviction.

Who do you want to see return to the Big Brother 2016 house?


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