Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 11 Head Of Household Results And Nominations (09/16/21)

Big Brother 23 played out its final double eviction of the season last night. We saw the final six Cookout houseguests become the final four houseguests. This Big Brother 2021 season tried something never done before: two double evictions back-to-back. The two-hour Big Brother 23 episode had everything, evictions, jury segments, and a rush to the final days. 

Big Bother 23 Julie Chen

Big Brother 23 ends in less than two weeks, but there is still a lot of game left to play. We saw the final four Big Brother houseguests, but now we know at least one person who has made the final three. 

Thursday’s episode started with Kyland Young as Head of Household and the Power of Veto holder. He could have made a power move against Xavier Prather, but instead, he only had eyes for Tiffany Mitchell going into the first eviction of last night’s double. Then she was followed by her partner in crime, Hannah Chaddha. This means that Azah Awasum, Derek Fraiser, Kyland, and Xavier are the final four. 

The feeds returned to reveal not only who won this week’s Head of Household, but also who he nominated. As outgoing Head of Household, Azah was ineligible to win HOH. This left the three men to fight it out.

So who won the final three Head of Household? Read below to find out.



Xavier won Head of Household.

Xavier plans or has nominated Azah and  Kyland for eviction. This is the week where nominations don’t matter. Everything comes down to the Veto, whoever wins the Veto gets to cast the final vote or decide who casts the final vote.


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