Big Brother 23 Episode 32 Recap: Who Makes Final Three?

After the second double eviction live episode last night, Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha were the first two members of the Cookout to be sent to Big Brother the jury house. Azah Asasum won the HOH competition and planned on targeting Xavier Prather; however, when Kyland Young won POV, her plans backfired.

Kyland saved Xavier and Derek Frazier and Hannah were the only two left to be on the block. With just Kyland and Xavier voting, they saved Derek due to their final 3 alliance with him. Tonight, the next HOH competition will be held and two more houseguests will be on the block.

Double Eviction Fallout

Derek was very confused as to why Kyland had made a previous promise to Xavier to save him from the Big Brother block, and Big D did not know anything about this. He has made it clear they both have a lot of explaining to do. The three remaining male houseguests have a final three pact, but Derek was in the dark about a deal between Xavier and Kyland…excluding him.

Azah was in complete darkness when Kyland used the Power of Veto to save Xavier from the block. She would have greatly appreciated being let in on that move, but she was not. Now, she doesn’t trust either of them.

Xavier voted out Hannah to show his loyalty to Kyland, but his true loyalty and his final two deal is with Big D. X has a final two deal with Kyland also, but that is there merely as a safety in case he needs Kyland to bring him to the final two. If X wins the last HOH competition, he wants to bring Big D with him and not Kyland. That will be quite the shocker to Kyland.

Week 11 Head of Household Competition

This HOH competition is called BB Crime Lab and is based on the award-winning CBS hit TV show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigations. This installment of CSI will be based in Las Vegas and will premiere on October 6, 2021, on the CBS Network.

This competition will be held in the BB Crime Lab. The HOH key has been stolen from the BB 23 Museum, and the houseguests must find the clues, collect the correct evidence, and identify the primary suspect.

The houseguests will use a black light to search for clues all over the museum. Once they find one of the five clues, they must match what they found with the evidence on the crime lab wall.

Once they feel that they have correctly identified all five pieces of evidence, they must hit their buzzer. The computer will identify the suspect, and the Big Brother houseguest will lock in their time for the competition. The first houseguest to complete this task in the shortest time will win the next HOH competition.

The times for completing this task for each houseguest are as follows:

Derek      15:44
Kyland     14:52
Xavier      10:18

Xavier won the HOH competition. Unlike other weeks, he will also be able to compete in the next HOH competition.

Although he did win HOH, the power this week truly lies with the POV winner as they will cast the only vote come eviction time.

Week 11 Block Nomination Ceremony

Xavier spoke with Big D privately about who to target for eviction this week. Although Big D, X, and Kyland have a final three agreement, X is floating the idea with Big D of cutting Kyland this week. Big D is not certain how he feels about that with the final three deal they made together.

This is the point in the Big Brother game where these decisions can be the deciding factor between losing and winning $750,000. That’s a big decision.

At the ceremony, X nominated Kyland and Azah to the Big Brother block for eviction this week. Again, these nominations are irrelevant as the POV decides everything this week.

Tune in again with us next Wednesday, September 22 at a special time 10/9 c for the POV competition.

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