Big Brother Spoilers: Big Brother 15 Promo — 100 Days of Summer?

Big Brother 15 - 100 Days of SummerWe already know from Big Brother 15 spoilers that this season of our favorite reality TV competition will begin several weeks earlier than usual. Big Brother 2013 will also reportedly have the largest number of HouseGuests in the history of the show. Now we have a new CBS Big Brother 15 promo that is seemingly promising this may also be the longest season ever as well.

In the latest Big Brother USA promo commercial, recycled clips from the previous season are accompanied by the taglines: “Best Summer Ever. 100 Days of Summer — Starting Earlier, Going Longer.” Now, to us, that sort of implies that the Big Brother 2013 season is going to be… 100 days long? Right? If that really is true, that would certainly be the longest installment of the series ever by quite a bit.

We certainly would not protest. But then, we’re bona fide addicts and could watch this silly show all year long and love it.

However, as our buddy Matt over at Big Brother Network points out, CBS’ recent announcement about the move of Big Brother After Dark from Showtime to TVGN kind of throws a wrench into this bit of speculation. According to the press release about the channel switch, BBAD will air on TVGN for only 13 weeks.

Since Big Brother After Dark premieres the same day as Big Brother 15 and runs concurrently, that would mean the CBS show would also only run 13 weeks — which does not add up to 100 days of showtime. Unless Big Brother plans to skip a week in there somewhere, which would certainly be something new. Or maybe they plan to bring in the HouseGuests a week earlier and the 100 days of summer refers to how long the last BB15 cast members will have been in the house total at the end.

Also, CBS Big Brother could just be teasing us by using the generic “100 Days of Summer” tagline with absolutely no spoilers meaning at all. Although we’d like to point out that the actual average length of summer in the Northern Hemisphere is 93 days and 15½ hours. (Thank you,

We’d love to hear your conspiracy theories in our comments section below on what CBS is implying by throwing in that “100 Days of Summer” tagline in the latest Big Brother 15 promo.

Oh, and by the way, if you are wondering about those Big Brother Live Feeds… we still haven’t heard anything from CBS, but we’ll let you know immediately as soon as they tell us what will be happening with those this year! Keep checking back here for the latest updates or subscribe to our e-mail list for direct notification.


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