Who Won Head of Household on Big Brother Last Night? 7/21/2017

Big Brother 19 ended Thursday’s episode with Dominique Cooper leaving the Big Brother house. Prior to Dominique’s eviction, CBS revealed that Jessica Graf had the Den of Temptation: Halting Hex. This gave her the power to halt one of the next four evictions. She chose not to halt this week’s eviction.

Big Brother 19 Cast

Earlier in the day, Big Brother 19 players started to speculate who might have the hex. They all suspected that Jessica had it because she was a little too calm and chipper that day. After Thursday’s eviction, Paul Abrahamian was sure Jessica had it. They were going to come for her blood this week, unless she won the Head of Household competition.

We also knew that whoever won the Battle Back could really create drama within the game. This was one of the most critical Big Brother 19 HOH competitions of the season.

Thursday’s Big Brother 19 episode ended on a cliffhanger. We didn’t see who won the Head of Household competition, but we expected this outcome because of the Big Brother Battle Back being around the corner. We knew CBS would want to make it fair, and let the winner of the competition have a shot at Head of Household as well.

Otherwise, it would just be a revolving door situation with the winner leaving back out the Big Brother 19 house at the end of the week. So who won this critical Head of Household competition? And which players are most in danger with this person in power?



Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf

All the houseguests, including Cody, had to compete in a holding sword competition. After a long battle, Jessica Graf won it is now the Head of Household. She holds all the power this week, which means Cody and her at least have two more weeks of safety, possibly three if he wins the next Head of Household.

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