Who Won Head of Household on Big Brother Last Night? 8/25/2016

7:23 PM BBT: No one else fallen off yet. Paul still can’t shut up, even when he’s on a wall being drowned with water. James is still in and out of his competition winning crouch. Let’s not forget he was a beast on this competition in his previous season.


7:25 PM BBT: Bridgette comes off the wall! She looks terribly upset over falling off.


Whoa, Paulie almost loses it too and barely hangs on! He is not looking good at all. Victor may well have this as the returning Jury member. This face so reminds me of that famous Michael Phelps face from the Olympics.


7:35 PM BBT: No one else dropped yet but we’ve gone to fish on the Live Feeds for several minutes now, not sure why.

7:40 PM BBT: And Paulie is DOWN! That’s right, Paulie is OUT! Victor starts screaming because he’s back in the house again. Natalie cheers from the sideline. Victor has now set a new Big Brother record as the only houseguest to be evicted twice and return to the game twice!


Moments later, Victor then comes off the wall. So he won’t be the Head of Household this week. He better hope he doesn’t end up making a new record of being evicted for a third time after only just getting back in the house again!


7:50 PM BBT: Paul, Nicole, and James still all hanging in there.

8:00 PM BBT: No change yet. Houseguests looking tired and in pain, still bantering though, but not as much. Even Paul is a lot quieter now.

8:20 PM BBT: Nicole, Paul, and James still on the wall. Everyone looking pretty pitiful at this point, and not much talking going on. Nicole trying some of James’ squatting technique.


8:27 PM BBT: Paul is down! Wow! We really did not expect Nicole to end up as one of the final two.


Now Nicole is begging James to make a deal because she really wants a letter from her family and says she is the only one who hasn’t gotten one. They mutually promise each other safety. James says he doesn’t want to go on slop and he wants to win. He keeps saying “four wall comps, sounds good”.


Nicole is begging hardcore, says she has never won one, and she just wants a letter from her mom, please, please, please. She promises she wouldn’t put him up, he promises the same. She’s whining soooooo much. She says he can even pick her nominee, anything. He’s like, no, he wants to be the “Wall Champ” with the record of four wall comps (plus he has to know he could be in a LOT of danger if he doesn’t win HoH).

8:36 PM BBT: Now Nicole is saying she doesn’t think she can go another week without hearing from her family. She says she misses her mom every single day, dreaming about her, etc. James is not going for it. He tries to convince her, in turn, that he will keep his word at keeping her safe and not putting her up, and that he needs her and Corey for the Double Eviction they think is going to come up (and probably will).


8:40 PM BBT: James is shaking hardcore, less so than Nicole actually. She may yet win this thing. He seems to be looking more and more uncomfortable every minute. There is a serious angle on that wall now, making it extremely difficult to hang on. Nicole is copying James now almost entirely, crouching down, sitting on her heels, and shaking out her legs one by one. She asks him if there is anything at all that she can give him. He says he wants the wall comp and he wants off slop, and she can’t give him either of those.

8:45 PM BBT: Nicole tries to be funny and says “no one comes between me and my mom!” copying Rachel Reilly and her “no one comes between me and my man!” phrase. James needs to keep his foot off the edge of the platform like he has it or he’s going to slip off.


8:55 PM: James tells Nicole he will drop for her after all! After all that refusing! He says he will go down so she can get her letter, and she promises safety to both him and Natalie. James jumps off. Nicole is the new Head of Household! Let’s hope James doesn’t really regret this come Thursday night’s eviction…


That’s a wrap!

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