Big Brother 18: Fireworks Erupt When Paulie Enters The Jury House

Da’Vonne Rogers said it best when she asked for some popcorn so she could watch the show when Paulie Calafiore entered the Big Brother 18 jury house.  The three girl members of the jury house (Da’Vonne, Bridgette Dunning, and Zakiyah Everette) anxiously awaited and hoped for Paulie to be the next person evicted from the game and walk through their door.

Big Brother Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)
Big Brother Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

Bridgette hoped she had striped Paulie of his controlling powers in the game as she did her best to blow up his game on her way out the door.

Enter Paulie to the jury house…the three girls scream in exhilaration upon his arrival. Day is grateful for the way the Lord works, Bridgette says she couldn’t be happier, and Zakiyah is speechless at the moment but only because she can’t formulate a clear thought based on the vindictive look on her face. In response to his warm welcome, Paulie notes this was the season of the catty and petty women and he’s glad to see that has not changed. Day quickly comes back with the fact that she will be catty, and she will be petty, but he’s the one with the short man’s complex…ZING!

The four jury members watch the video depicting Paulie’s eviction.  The girls certainly do not hold back their sheer delight at Paulie’s announcement of eviction by Julie Chen as they raise their glasses and toast the event. Paulie quips, “I can see sore losers when I meet them”.  Only to have Bridgette respond with, “I can spot a deflated ego when I see one”.  Things are really starting to heat up between the girls and Paulie, and Zakiyah is yet to have her shot at Paulie.


Bridgette and Paulie get into a pissing match with one another to rival many Big Brother confrontations Paulie claims Bridgette has no respect for male opinions in general, while Bridgette tells Paulie he has lost all of her respect. Then Bridgette really let’s go and tells Paulie she lost respect for him because of the way he treats women and belittles them. She makes sure to tell him that she is not the only BB 18 player to think the same way as she does this season.

Bridgette explains to Paulie that he made the game way too personal when he spewed those nasty comments to Natalie, and she can never respect him because of that. Paulie sits at the table with the girls with the cockiest look on his face and with an attitude bigger than the jury house, and he continues to make smart ass remarks. He again calls the girls catty and says if you put three catty women in the house together, this is what you get.


Paulie is not earning any brownie points with any of the girls at this juncture. He would be best suited to stick his tail between his legs, lick his wounds, and go home. But wait, Paulie can’t do that. Instead, Paulie says, and I quote, “you guys don’t respect the game and who played it the best”.  Yes, Paulie Calafiore claimed he played Big Brother 18 the best as he sits in the jury house after becoming the fourth member of the jury. Can you only imagine what his brother, Cody Calafiore, is thinking at this point?

The argument really ratchets up a notch or two when Paulie tells Zakiyah that she was playing the victim in the house. She had stayed pretty quiet up until this point, but that comment was all she needed to let her scorned woman anger fly free. As Paulie makes accusations about Zakiyah regarding the other houseguests, Zakiyah tells Paulie she is not a dumb bitch and he shouldn’t play her. Based on that attitude Zakiyah is displaying towards Paulie, if I were him I would run and hide from her at that point. The mess of an entrance ends with Zakiyah having the class to get up and walk away from Paulie all the while he is calling her a classy bitch. Way to go Paulie. Way to go.  I’m sure your parents are so very proud.


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