On CBS Big Brother 14 tonight, the houseguests will compete in the all important Veto Competition and we’ll learn what the winner will do with their new power in the Veto Ceremony. Will the Power of Veto holders take one of the eviction nominees off the block? Or will they leave Head of Household Shane Meaney‘s picks alone? Join us for our Big Brother 14 recap as we watch how it all goes down on CBS Big Brother tonight!


This post contains CBS Big Brother 14 spoilers from the week 6, episode 18 Power of Veto show. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Watching the CBS Big Brother 14 edit of what happens in the house is always interesting. The aftermath from Head of Household Shane Meaney’s nominations this week on Big Brother 14 was a huge drama-fest that went hot and heavy for many hours… and it hasn’t cooled down much yet even with the eviction now just a day away.

How CBS is going to consolidate all the fighting, backbiting, nastiness, confrontation and cussing into a tiny little package on the show is beyond me. Sadly there is just too much that goes on inside the Big Brother 14 house for the show to be a very good representation of all the game play, which is why so many of us are addicts of the Big Brother live feeds. With the season halfway through, this is when it really gets fun on the live feeds as the remaining houseguests realize they have a real chance at winning that $500k and start stomping all over each other in an effort to get to the finale.

In addition to the aftermath from the nominations, tonight’s CBS Big Brother 14 episode will also feature the Power of Veto Competition and the Veto Ceremony. Eviction nominees Frank Eudy and Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin will battle it out with HoH Shane Meaney and three other houseguests for the opportunity to save someone from eviction — if they so choose.

Hang out with us here for our Big Brother 14 recap of all the action from the show Wednesday night live!

Frank Eudy and Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin are floored by Head of Household Shane Meaney nominating them both for eviction. Boogie is furious. Shane claims he was told they were going to target him for eviction next. He lies to make it seem like it was not all his idea. He tries to make Britney Haynes look bad. Basically, he acts like a douche coward who can’t own up to it being his decision to nominate them.

Frank believes it was Dan Gheesling behind it all.

Boogie accuses Britney of making Shane her puppet. Britney denies she is the person behind putting Shane up to nominating Frank and Boogie. Dan again becomes the punching bag responsible for everything. (Honestly, Dan does virtually nothing while everyone makes it look it out to look like he is this master manipulator, if you watch the Big Brother live feeds.)

Britney confronts Shane about throwing her under the bus with Boogie and Frank.

Frank and Boogie tell Ian Terry — whom they think is in their pocket — it is all Dan’s fault they are on the block and he is manipulating Shane and Britney. Ian, meanwhile, knows the truth and he’s all involved in the plan to get Boogie or Frank out this week. Ian has become a pivotal player in the house.

Boogie and Frank confront Shane, Britney, Mike, and Dan about how the ‘silent 6’ alliance suddenly ended up with two of the members being put up for eviction this week by one of their own. Dan, once again, gets blamed for everything.

Time to pick the Power of Veto Competition players. Mike Boogie and Frank Eudy will play as the eviction nominees, along with Shane Meaney as the Head of Household. Ashley Iocco, Ian Terry, and Jenn Arroyo are chosen as the additional players, with Danielle Murphree as the host.

(What you do not see here is the repeated ‘cheating’ scandal accusations that erupted on the Big Brother live feeds after Frank had to redraw his choice for the PoV players and allegedly held on to the houseguest’s choice chip during the redraw — he even said something that came across like production ‘wanted’ him to. There was also allegedly some sort of accusation that Frank and Boogie cheated during the actual competition, but every time any of this was brought up, the feeds were cut off super fast, so it’s hard to know what exactly happened.)

During the Veto Competition, the houseguests had to guess numbers of candy pieces and whoever got the closest to the right answer won a point. In the end, it is between Ashley and Frank. Frank wins. (Later on the Big Brother live feeds, it is insinuated that Ashley threw the Veto Competition to let Frank — who she recently made out with — win.)

Immediately after Frank wins the Power of Veto, Boogie starts campaigning to get Dan Gheesling put up as the replacement nominee, considering it is his best chance of not getting evicted this week. (The CBS Big Brother 14 show only covers a very brief bit of this, but Boogie went after EVERYONE repeatedly to make this happen. He and Frank really think they have Shane convinced to put up Dan by the time the Veto Ceremony rolls around and think they have a strong chance of keeping Boogie in the game.)

In the end, all of it is for nothing and Shane decides not to put up Dan as the replacement nominee. Instead, he puts up Jenn Arroyo as a pawn with the goal of getting Boogie out.

Next up tomorrow night is a double eviction, so it should get even more crazy in the Big Brotehr 14 house after the show ends. Make sure you have your Big Brother 14 live feeds up and running to watch all the action after the CBS Big Brother show ends!

Power of Veto Competition Results:

Frank Eudy has won the Power of Veto.

Power of Veto Ceremony Results:

Frank used the Power of Veto to take himself off the eviction block. Shane Meaney has put up Jenn Arroyo as the replacement nominee, but she is pretty much just a pawn. The goal is now to get Mike Boogie out at the live eviction.

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