When we last left our crazed Big Brother 14 hamsters, half the houseguests were still reeling from the unexpected Power of Veto Ceremony results. The backstabbing, lies, and betrayals continued all night as everyone tried to figure out what the hell was going on and who is friend or foe.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds from Monday, August 6. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

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8:00 PM BBT

Janelle Pierzina was blindsided and put up on the eviction block by Head of Household and Power of Veto winner Danielle Murphree. So now she’s sucking up to Danielle furiously to make sure she is not the one going home this week. She tells Danielle she will still be her friend even if she goes home.

Janelle implies that Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin might be behind Danielle’s move to put her on the block. She asks if Danielle has a deal with Boogie. Danielle says no, if she did, wouldn’t she have taken Frank Eudy off the block? (Don’t be so obvious Danielle!) Janelle says she has premonitions of Ashley Iocco, Danielle, and Shane Meaney in the final 3.

For an endless time, Janelle sucks up to Danielle, says anything bad people are saying about her is a lie, promises she’ll take care of Danielle if she stays, tries to worm information out of her, etc. etc.

8:05 PM BBT

Meanwhile, downstairs, Ashley Iocco and Wil Heuser are talking about Janelle. Ashley does a wickedly funny impersonation of Janelle you should totally go and watch if you have the Big Brother live feeds. Ashley tells Wil that Janelle thinks he has been bad-mouthing her to Danielle. Ashley is worried because Janelle said Dan would vote for her to stay if Danielle agrees.

Wil tells Ashley that Dan and Danielle are a team and he thinks Dan wants to evict Janelle. Ashley says Janelle thinks she has the votes to stay, including Britney. Wil says he thinks Britney will vote to keep Frank and only Chef Joe Arvin will vote  to keep Janelle. Wil and Ashley agree Joe cannot be trusted. Ashley wonders if Danielle is dealing with Boogie. (ding ding ding)

Joe comes in and he’s all freaked out and thinks he and Wil are in trouble. He says they have to go deal with Danielle. Wil says he’s mad at Danielle because she told him he was safe. Joe says they have to get Frank out and they need to talk to Danielle and tell her they will make a safety deal. Joe says Dan planned all this with putting Janelle on the block. He leaves

Wil laughs. He tells Ashley that Frank is not going to come after him, he will target Shane and Joe. Ashley says she thinks Britney is playing everyone and lying about being shocked at Janelle going up on the block. Wil says he suspects Britney and Shane knew Janelle would be nominated.

8:40 PM BBT

Jenn Arroyo and Wil talk in the Have-Nots room. Wil tells her he think Janelle is going home, but he thinks they have the votes to keep her if they think they should. Jenn thinks Janelle is more of a threat than Frank. Wil shares that Britney is supposedly voting to keep Janelle. Jenn wishes they could trust Ian Terry, but they both agree they can’t.

9:00 PM BBT

Wil tells Frank that Britney told Janelle she would vote to keep her. Frank wants to know if they can get Ashley to vote to keep him. Wil says they are very tight and they have been allied since the start, but asks Frank not to share that. Wil says Frank has his vote, Jenn, Ian, Ashley, and Joe.

* Everyone is bitching a lot throughout the day about Chef Joe Arvin. Frank has already complained he doesn’t wash his hands after using the bathroom. There is also a lot of complaining about how he wastes food and they are sick of him cooking all the time. At some point it would be GREAT if one of them would actually tell Joe to stop it already.

10:15 PM BBT

Danielle tells Britney all about her conversations with Janelle, but she takes the opportunity to expand and exagerate for some weird reason. Danielle says Janelle was all crying and trying to guilt trip her, and then acted like a bitch. Britney says Janelle told her Danielle was going to vote for her to stay and convince Shane to vote for her too. Danielle says Janelle told her Britney was going to vote to keep her.

Danielle says Shane is ‘like my boyfriend’ which just makes me want to puke. (And probably WOULD make him puke if he heard her say that). She says Britney is her best friend.

Dan comes in and Danielle tells him about talking to Janelle. She says that Janelle said Dan would vote to keep her and that Shane would be going after Dan. Danielle continues to exageratte on her conversation with Janelle and Dan is not really believing Janelle would act quite so badly.

Britney says they will tell Janelle on Thursday they are voting against her because Ashley will tell her anyway. Britney has one of the funniest lines of the day when she asks rhetorically if Janelle just thought Danielle wanted to use the Power of Veto “because it was shiny.”

10:55 PM BBT

Ian comes in and says that Joe came after him in the Storage Room about making an alliance called ‘the Outsiders’. He wanted Ian to team up with him, Ashley and Jenn. Danielle continues to bitch about Janelle. She says Janelle told her she pretty much had everyone’s vote to stay. Ian says he doesn’t think she has either Wil or Ashley’s vote because he eavesdropped on them talking. Danielle says Janelle told her she was the only reason Danielle survived the week JoJo was put up.

Ian says Boogie has no idea bout what he is doing on the side and Dan is pleased because Ian can be their informant on Boogie’s plans. Ian has  become quite the valuable player…

11:55 PM BBT

Danielle, Boogie and Britney are talking up a storm, mostly about Janelle, of course. Danielle says Janelle told her she stabbed her in the back and brings up Janelle saying she didn’t even have any makeup on. Apparently Janelle really was pissy about appearing on the CBS TV show without makeup when she gets nominated because she’s mentioned this repeatedly, including to Boogie. Boogie says no, he stabbed her in the front and she was too cocky.

12:20 AM BBT

Ashley, Wil, and Boogie are in the backyard. Wil says he’s just tired of having his name slammed around by Britney and Janelle. Boogie talks about Janelle and her lies.

12:30 AM BBT

Shane, Ian, and Britney are talking in the Head of Household room. Ian says if he wins HoH next week he will nominate JOe. Shane (like an idiot) actually volunteers to be a pawn against Joe. Ian leaves. Britney tells Shane to never, ever, ever, EVER again volunteer to be a pawn because if he goes up — he will be voted out. He’s too big of a threat. (You tell him girl!)

A bit later, Frank and Shane are up in the Head of Household room after Danielle leaves. Shane tells Frank that Danielle is sweet and he likes her, but she is way too young and over emotional. He says he does not want to have a showmance with her but it is tough to tell her. (Yeah, especially when she’s in power and has control over the house…)

2:20 AM BBT

Ashley, Frank, and Wil are huddling in the Stereo Room talking more crap about Janelle. Frank says Janelle has made Wil about to be a big target when he isn’t. Ashley says she has always known Janelle would stab anyone in the back from the start and she is always throwing them under the bus.

2:40 AM BBT

Joe and Janelle talk in the backyard. Janelle says she told Ashley she does not trust Wil anymore. She thinks she might have been nominated to try to save Wil, but she has enough votes to stay. Joe says Wil has torn apart his team and he is throwing everyone under the bus. Joe says he thinks something bigger is going on and Frank has been talking like he knows he is safe.

2:55 AM BBT

Dan and Danielle are in the HoH room. Danielle has refused to open the door for Janelle. Danielle laughs about how Janelle must be getting so pissed. They continue talking very late and finally head off to bed shortly before 4:00 AM.

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