There was a very interesting development overnight in the Big Brother 14 house as one of the coaches started pushing the current Power of Veto holder to make a bold and unexpected move. Could we be about to see another sudden shift in eviction targets? Read on in our Big Brother 14 spoilers from the live feeds t to find out!


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds from Saturday, August 5. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

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The past few days in the Big Brother 14 house have been quite the roller-coaster ride to watch on the Big Brother live feeds. The crazy continued all day on Saturday as everyone tried to figure out how to manipulated Danielle Murphree into making her next move how it would best benefit them.

8:05 AM BBT

Knowing he is in seriously hot water with way too many people in the house at this point, Wil Heuser comes begging to Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin to try to worm his way back into Mike and Frank Eudy’s good graces. Wil offers to work on Boogie’s side, but Boogie says Wil is going to have to prove himself. Boogie tells Wil that if Frank is evicted this week, Boogie will just have to find new people to work with. He tells Wil he could be one of those people — if he can prove his loyalty and helpfulness.

8:25 AM BBT

Boogie and Wil are still taking. Wil tells Boogie that Danielle said she would put him up if Frank gets taken off the block. Boogie says he thinks he can make nice with her former coach/current ally Dan Gheesling and push through a suggestion to have someone else put up as a replacement nomination. Boogie and Wil take a few moments to slam Janelle Pierzina back and forth.

8:35 AM BBT

Speaking of Janelle, she’s now talking with Wil briefly in the kitchen. Janelle tells Wil that she has spoken to Dan and he is not the target for eviction, Frank is.

9:00 AM BBT

Janelle holes up with Wil in the Arcade Room. She wants to know if he is mad at her. He says no, he just didn’t feel like talking to her last night because he was missing his family and feeling depressed. She wants to know if he still trusts Ashley and Joe. Wil says he still trusts Ashley, but not Joe. He tells Janelle that Joe is gunning for the coaches, but he didn’t give any specific names. Janelle is still going with the assumption that Wil is totally on her side, even though he hints that he is ‘starting from scratch’. Wil says she cannot trust Joe at all. They bash Joe quite a bit. Wil bashes Danielle for putting him up when he had been going on about how nice she was.

9:20 AM BBT

Frank and Mike Boogie are talking in the kitchen. Boogie thinks he can get Danielle and Dan to put up Danielle as the replacement nomination if someone comes off the block. Frank thinks they can manage to get Danielle back ont heir side. Boogie calls Danielle a nasty, nasty name.

9:30 AM BBT

Boogie goes after Danielle to try to persuade her that Janelle is a better target than Frank, or him for that matter. Danielle tells him that if he was her target, she would have nominated him. She says she does not believe in backdooring people. (Yeah right.) Danielle is mad that neither Frank or Boogie came to talk to her after she became Head of Household and they found out about the whole plan to evict Frank. Boogie says he was just mad at everyone. Boogie wants to talk to her more after the Power of Veto Competition. However, he does start laying the groundwork to start pushing for Janelle as a replacement nomination. Boogie finishes off with a rather awkward hug.

9:46: AM BBT

Dan is hot on Boogie’s heels and is up in the Head of Household room with Danielle as soon as Boogie splits. He wants to know what Danielle and Boogie were talking about. Danielle tells him all about the conversation, saying that Boogie was apologizing and wants them to work with him. Dan says if Frank goes home, maybe they can work with him, but he isn’t really happy about the idea. Dan says Boogie is just trying to put himself into position for making a deal after the Veto Competition.

9:50 AM BBT

Mike Boogie tells Frank about his conversaion with Danielle. Boogie says he thinks they can chip away at Danielle and he thinks he won’t be going up. Worst case is that Frank stays up and they have to work the votes. Boogie says a good senstivie point to work is people thinks Danielle is Dan’s puppet and to emphasize how they think she’s an independent thinker.

10:05 AM BBT

The Big Brother live feeds go to trivia while the Power of Veto players are picked.

10:30 AM BBT

Feeds return and the Power of Veto Competition players have been chosen. Danielle will be playing as Head of Household, along with Wil Heuser and Frank Eudy as the players nominated for eviction. Chosen at random to play are Ian Terry, Shane Meaney, and Jenn Arroyo. Dan Gheesling is chosen as the host. That is four Power of Veto Competitions in a row for Frank, Wil, and Shane.

Danielle talks to Britney Haynes about her talk earlier with Mike Boogie. Ian Terry comes up to commit to his alliance with Danielle and Britney’s side.

10:35 AM BBT

Janelle Pierzina and Wil Heuser are talking about Power of Veto. Janelle tells Wil he is not the eviction target. Wil says he can’t trust anything Danielle says or does.

10:40 AM BBT

Frank goes up to the HoH room to give his pitch to Danielle. Danielle says she put him on the block because Frank did not come to talk to her and assumed she was behind the plan to get him evicted and she was hurt by that. (Really honey, you were so neck deep…) Frank talks badly about Wil, while saying he doesn’t want to talk bad about Wil. Frank says he thinks he can still work with Danielle and Shane. He suggests that Dan pushed Danielle to put him up, but she says it was her choice. Frank is manipulating the hell out of Danielle and it is beautiful to watch. You should check out this whole conversation on the Big Brother live feeds. He is pushing her around to Boogie’s idea of backdooring Janelle.

Dan enters and Frank immediately starts pitching to both of them. Frank tells Dan he can’t work with Joe or Wil. He says if he could turn Janelle to his side, he’d work with her. He feels Shane is an honest person. He doesn’t want Boogie to be replacing him on the block. Frank is not playing Dan so easily as he was playing Danielle, but he does have Dan thinking… talk goes on for a while.

11:25 AM BBT

Then Britney and Janelle decide it has been going on TOO long and barge in to steal snacks. Talk becomes boring and there is too much about vaginas and wedgies.

12:25 PM BBT

Finally, Janelle leaves and Britney blames the barging in on her totally. Britney starts bashing Janelle. Britney wants to know who Danielle will put up if Frank comes off the block. Danielle says she will put up Mike Boogie. Then the talk moves to the whole idea of putting up Janelle…

Downstairs, Frank and Janelle are talking. He tells her he doesn’t hold grudges and he wants to work with the coaches not against them. He says he is a loyal guy. She asks really?

12:40 PM BBT

Britney is pushing hard now for Janelle to go up as the replacement nominee if Frank comes off the block. She says Janelle is conspiring with Frank right now. She would totally put Shane (Danielle’s lust object) up on the block. Danielle is starting to consider the idea and starts bashing Janelle right along with Britney. Danielle is wavering and she’s basically begging Dan for advice.

Britney has to go off to change her microphone. Dan uses the chance to trying to steer Danielle back onto the path.

1:00 PM BBT

Britney comes back to the HoH room and continues her campaign to get Janelle on the block.

2:50 PM BBT

The Big Brother live feeds go to trivia.

4:34 PM BBT

The live feeds return and we have the results of the Power of Veto Competition. Believe it or not, Danielle actually won! Her and her ‘boyfriend’ Shane Meaney have now had back-to-back HoH and Veto wins. Astounding. Shane won a “Play Veto” ticket for future use. Jenn Arroyo won a trip to Hawaii. Wil Heuser won $5000 cash. And… Frank won a horrible “spiritard” to wear. Ian Terry won a dog costume to wear and a punishment to have to stay in a dog house for 24 hours and be lead around on a leash. He actually is thrilled by the whole thing.

4:45 PM BBT

Wil Heuser sucks up to Janelle for votes to make sure he doesn’t get evicted. Nobody really cares about Wil right now and he’s currently not in any huge danger of going this week. But it never hurts to get your votes lined up.

4:58 PM BBT

Britney and Janelle talk in the HoH briefly, Janelle bashing again. This time it’s about Janelle talking to Wil. They must be conspiring!

5:55 PM BBT

Ian Terry goes back to the idea of an alliance of Dan, Danielle, Britney and Shane.

7:15 PM BBT

Frank receives his ‘Spirtard’ and boy is it ugly. Purple, with a skirt and pom-poms. You gotta know Frank loves that. Jenn Arroyo checks out his ass and gives it a little smack.

7:57 PM BBT

Ian Terry has to dress up in his dog costume. He is put out in the backyard with a dog house and has to eat out of a dog bowl. He can only come out of his dog aread if someone walks him on his leash. It’s hilarious and Ian is having way too much fun.

8:45 PM BBT

Boogie talks to Britney about the whole ‘backdoor’ Janelle idea. She tells him to work on Danielle with the idea.

10:15 PM BBT

Danielle and Boogie are discussing the Janelle backdoor option again. Boogie tells her they have the votes they need to evict Janelle. Danielle goes downstairs to talk to Britney. Dan, Boogie and Frank talk about the Janelle plan up on HoH.

11:20 PM BBT

Dan is not so convinced evicting Janelle is the best idea. He does not think Boogie can be trusted. Dan is not into the whole idea.

2:00 AM BBT

Shane, Ian and Danielle discuss the replacement nomination and they are all kind of leaning toward the whole idea of putting up Janelle. Ian worries if Frank and Boogie would really rather keep Janelle over Wil. Ian makes a snarky comment that the only reason Mike Boogie made it on All-Stars is because Dr. Will Kirby wouldn’t do it unless Boogie was invited. Britney talks about taking Wil off instead of Frank, then put Janelle as the replacement. Then Boogie would HAVE to vote against Janelle to keep Frank and that would guarantee the vote. Britney says they should just do it and flat out tell Boogie they are securing his vote. Danielle says she didn’t want to put Wil up and she wouldn’t mind taking him off the block. Britney says the whole thing with Janelle still makes her nervous though.

2:25 AM BBT

Britney and Ian leave Danielle and Shane alone. Danielle says she thinks the only way to make it work is to leave Frank up. (Amazing how we’ve gone from everyone must evict Frank, to we have to take Frank down and replace him, to we must keep Frank up but not evict him.) Danielle gloats about how much she has kicked Frank’s ass in the past few days.

2:45 AM BBT

Danielle and Dan are talking late into the early hours of the morning. Dan is not excited about the Janelle idea, but he isn’t totally saying “no” — he keeps talking Danielle around to other possibilities though. He tells Danielle she is playing too much on the personal. He says Britney is tainting her because she’s too personal and wants Janelle out because Janelle went against her over Willie Hantz. He says Britney lost her game because she went personal.

They go round and round and round about Boogie versus Frank, who will be harder to beat, whether taking off Frank or Wil is the better option. Eventually, talk winds and Dan leaves. He makes faces the cameras like he wants to strangle Danielle.

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