A Big Brother 14 double eviction is on the way Thusrday night, but the houseguests don’t know that for sure yet. At this point it seems almost certain from our Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds that the man with 9 lives, Frank Eudy, is probably going home tonight in the first eviction. Who will be evicted on Big Brother 14 in the second round is so far a total unknown. The big question for me is whether or not the houseguests are going to figure out that veteran hamster Dan Gheesling is playing puppet master with them all…


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds that have NOT aired on the CBS Big Brother 14 show yet. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

We are only hours away from the first Big Brother 14 live eviction of the evening and houseguest Frank Eudy still appears to believe he has enough votes to survive eviction yet again. Unfortunately for Frank, he is sadly unaware that his ‘final 2’ ally has teamed up with pretty much everyone else in the Big Brother 14 house to get Frank out this week.

Yesterday in the Big Brother 14 house was a whole lot of Frank running around crowing about his brilliance while still being paranoid that something may go wrong and he won’t have enough votes to stay. He is pretty sure that his final 2 pact with Dan Gheesling is intact and that he has Jenn Arroyo’s vote. He thinks he also has Shane Meaney’s vote, but he’s still worried about Danielle Murphree and Ian Terry — if it should somehow come down to a tie.

In truth, Jenn Arroyo is the only vote Frank probably has. Everyone else has been scheming behind Frank’s back to vote him out and lying to his face that he has their support. Jenn reassures Frank that she can’t see why the others would keep Chef Joe Arvin over him but she pretty much knows this isn’t true. Frank talks to her about how they have to make sure Danielle is on their side with the votes. No matter what they do at this point, however, it looks like Frank is about to go down at last.

Frank doesn’t know that though. He’s still cocky about thinking he has the votes to make it through eviction again. Talking to the cameras at around 11:20 AM BBT, Frank preens his own feathers some more and speculates on what he should do after the eviction.

Even so, Frank keeps working Danielle for that vote, continuing to try to drive the wedge he thinks is between Dan and Danielle even deeper. He keeps pushing that Dan really was pissed off at her during his ‘funeral’ and Frank was the one who convinced him to apologize to her. Jenn acts like she is still pissy at Dan, and she actually really sort of is, which is just stupid. He saved both her skins by distracting the whole house with her tears. She needs to get over it.

Jenn also keep working for votes for Frank and chips away at Dan, but he won’t give her  any promises. She tries to work Danielle as well, but gets nowhere. Danielle tells her that she and Shane will be voting to evict Frank. Jenn says she hopes Danielle won’t hold it against her if she votes to keep Frank.

Still clueless, Frank is happy in the afternoon when he tells Dan around 2:15 PM BBT that he is feeling more confident that he has the votes he needs to stay. Everyone has been lying and swearing support to him for days and he is just buying it.

Knowing she is about to be in the Big Brother 14 house with no allies left, Jenn tells Dan she is on board with a final three pact with him and Danielle. Minutes later, Jenn tells Frank that he is all good with the votes to stay at the eviction. She tells him though that Danielle is not happy with his attitude and he should try to make things kosher with her.

Frank is still feeling (mostly) smug about escaping eviction again, but he doesn’t stop campaigning. He goes after Ian Terry to make sure if it does come to a tie, Ian will vote to keep him. The lies keep pouring out. Meanwhile, of course, Ian has just reconfirmed to Dan that their final 2 pact is still in place and are pleased that no one seems to suspect they are working together.

Frank once again talks about how of course he’ll come back for Big Brother All Stars if he is asked. Because, you know, they are totally going to ask him, right?

The game play continues to go around but the Big Brother 14 live eviction result looks pretty set for tonight. Barring a miracle (or another last minute twist from production), Frank Eudy will be the first person evicted tonight. From there it gets tricky.

Ian is worried that after Frank goes, he will be in danger because he can’t play in the next Head of Household Competition. Shane assures him the Quack Pack would not put him up, but Ian is still nervous. He should be, Danielle is quite ready to get Ian out and wants him out next even over Joe.

Dan, on the other hand, has no interest in keeping Shane around to the final four and he tells Danielle this very clearly. She is really not pleased that her no-mance, non-boyfriend might get evicted. Awwwh.

Wednesday night closed out with Frank still campaigning for votes from Danielle and Ian, which I think shows he is not entirely convinced he has them on his side. He has a long talk with Danielle and feels better about her voting for him and tells Jenn. Jenn continues to play along like he will be fine at eviction, even though she pretty much knows now he is doomed.

Going into the Big Brother 14 live eviction tonight, Dan ‘The Man’ Gheesling pretty much has final 2 deals with everyone in the house. If they all ever get together and compare notes, he is so very screwed. For now, however, his plan to get Frank Eudy out this week looks solid. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens tonight with double eviction to find out where the game is going next!

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