America’s Favorite Player for Big Brother 15, Elissa Slater, was looking gorgeous as usual during her backyard interview with Jeff Schroeder after the finale on Wednesday night. Love her or hate her, she was looking fine! We were just glad someone dressed up for the occasion, since Jeff was looking a bit like he rolled out of bed and put on an old shirt he’s outgrown… Elissa did, however, sound like she was just a bit drunk or perhaps just high on happiness to finally be released from the Jury house.

Big Brother 15 Elissa Slater and Jeff Schroeder

Elissa told Jeff she is going to use the 25k she to fund a “wellness center” — which we take to mean “yoga studio.” Elissa said she didn’t expect to be targeted so aggressively in the beginning and it made her feel like she had to fly under the radar at first. She said she will definitely keep in touch with Candice Stewart, Helen Kim and she really enjoys Big Brother 15 winner Andy Herren’s company as well. We wonder if she will change her tune when she finds out some of the absolutely horrible things Andy said about her on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

Do you think Elissa deserved to win America’s Favorite Player this year even though she didn’t really make a lot of big game moves? Did she take home the 25k just because she is Rachel Reilly’s sister? Or do you think she earned it?


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