Even though Big Brother 15 cast member Nick Uhas was evicted way back in week 2, he continued to have an almost physical presence in the house thanks to GinaMarie Zimmerman’s undying affection for him. It was almost as if Nick was a “ghost” lurking in the next room all season long. We couldn’t wait to find out what Nick would say when he was asked about GM’s hope they would hook up when the show was over.

Big Brother 15 Nick Uhas and Jeff Schroeder

In his backyard interview with Nick Uhas (whom he calls Nick Utas), Jeff Shcroeder asked Nick about his “girl” GinaMarie. Nick kind of avoided the topic of GM’s lust at first, just saying that he thought GinaMarie was going to win and was surprised at the vote. Jeff wasn’t about to let it go though and told Nick how the cameras zoomed in on him and GinaMarie hugging at the Big Brother 15 finale after the final vote was announced. Once again, Nick skated right around that discussion.

Finally though, Jeff just came right out with it and asked Nick what the future holds for him and GinaMarie. With a quirky smile, Nick said that he promised her a date at a monster truck rally on October 4th, if she accepts. (There’s a question?) Through it all, we just couldn’t help thinking… he just comes across as so super gay. And we can say that because we’re family. Just sayin’. We do think he’s being a super nice guy about GinaMarie, especially in praising her game play in getting McCranda out.

Do you think GinaMarie has any actual chance with Nick? We don’t, but we think he’ll be cool enough to let her down as easy as he can.

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