Big Brother 15’s Nick Uhas walked out of an interview last week after being pushed repeatedly by ‘journalist’ Chaunce Hayden about whether he had any gay tendencies. Adding to the uncomfortableness of being asked pointed questions about his sexual orientation, Nick was being interviewed in tandem with Big Brother 2013 runner-up GinaMarie Zimmerman. GM, of course, had a huge crush on Nick all season, even building a shrine to him after he was evicted from the show.

Big Brother 15 Nick Uhas and GinaMarie Zimmerman

During the interview with Chaunce Hayden, Nick seemed quite uncomfortable with the whole thing, mostly letting GinaMarie take the brunt of the questions. Things went totally sour, however, after Chaunce wouldn’t stop talking about how good looking Nick is and pelting him with questions about whether or not he might lean a bit gay.

Chaunce asked if gay men ever threw themselves at Nick, to which he replied no. Then Chaunce kept picking at the gay rumors about Nick by asking, “There’s no gay in you at all… Never tried it… never went down that road?” Looking very unhappy, Nick shook his head and obviously didn’t want to continue with that discussion. GinaMarie then jumped in and said, “no, no no” — trying to steer the conversation somewhere else.

Not very long after this exchange, while Chaunce is questioning Nick and GM about reading the negative stuff people have said about them online, Nick took off his mic and just walked out of the interview. He did not, however, ‘storm off the show’ as Chaunce Hayden said later in an e-mail to a variety of press contacts to hype up the interview. Nick just looked done and ready to be away from this crazy interviewer and his ridiculous questions.

At first, GM tried to play off Nick leaving, saying that he had too many Red Bulls and just needed to use the men’s room. Nick, however, never came back in. Chaunce then turned his barbs on GinaMarie, trying to get her to choose between a “black guy, an Asian guy, a Muslim guy… and an Indian” to save in a life raft. Obviously he was roasting GM for her racist comments inside the Big Brother 15 house and trying to trap her into another racist statement of some kind. GM replied that she would give up her spot on the raft for any of those trapped on the sinking ship.

Done with the nasty questioning, GinaMarie finally chopped a hand across her throat and asked “Can you stop?” to end the interview. “I don’t want him to get upset,” she said, right before the interview cuts off. The email from Chaunce Hayden claims both Nick and GinaMarie wanted the interview to be destroyed and that GM returned after she “stormed off” and “cried that she’s madly in love with Nick… [but that] he won’t like her.”

Personally, we think this guy Chaunce, whom we have never heard of before, was being a total a** and we can’t believe Nick and GM put up with him as long as they did.

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