Having you been pining away for the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds in Canada? Well it’s a happy day for our Canadian friends! CBS Big Brother 15 has finally decided to officially let fans up north sign up to watch all the glorious, uncensored action inside the house all day and all night! We can’t tell you how pleased we are that CBS has opened the doors at last to give equal access to Big Brother USA fans in Canada.

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Happily, we’re only a few weeks into Big Brother 2013, so there is plenty of time for Canadian fans to catch up to what’s been going on inside the Big Brother 15 house behind-the-scenes. Plus, you get a three-day free trial period when you sign up, so what’s to lose in giving it a go, right? If you decide to keep the Big Brother Live Feeds for the rest of the season, the cost is lower than ever before at just $26.99 for the full summer, or $9.99 a month if you prefer to pay that way.

2013 Big Brother Live Feeds

If you’re a Canadian viewer (or a U.S. a bit late to the game), now is the absolute best time to sign up, right now, this minute! There could potentially be a huge game play move that will shake up the whole house at this week’s eviction and you’ll so want to be watching the aftermath on the Big Brother Live Feeds tonight!

For those in Canada who may have previously signed up for the feeds and have been watching via VPN, that should no longer be necessary. We hope that if you chose a paid, higher quality VPN service that perhaps you can petition them for at least a partial refund. Would have been so much easier on everyone if the CBS Big Brother Live Feeds were available for Canadian fans right from the beginning!

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