On CBS Big Brother tonight, we’ll find out who will be the next person evicted from the house and which player will rule for the next week as Head of Household. From all the clues we’ve been seeing on the Big Brother Live Feeds, it looks like we are in for a serious endurance competition in the HoH challenge tonight — always our favorite!


Who will go home tonight on Big Brother 2013 and who will win the HoH crown this evening? Well, we are pretty sure we know who will get voted out from our final Live Feeds spoilers report below but which HouseGuests will end up living in the lap of luxury in the HoH this room may not be known until very late tonight. Keep on reading to find out what the latest vote count looks like before the live eviction starts and our theory on which HouseGuests will have an advantage in the Head of Household Competition this week.

WARNING: The following post includes Big Brother spoilers on competition results, alliances, deals and game play and other information from the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds that have not been shown yet on the CBS network show. You have been warned!

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Thursday Pre-Eviction Report — August 1, 2013

10:10 AM BBT: Helen, as usual, is the early bird of the house and starts working out by doing her jog around the house since the players are on inside lockdown. Judd is also up and mucking about in the kitchen.

8-1-2013-01-43-58-PM10:25 AM BBT: Howard does a bit of pre-eviction praying in the photo booth and then goes to fetch his bible from the Have Not room and goes into the Cockpit room to pray some more. Judd was eating in that room but he leaves to let Howard have the room.

10:30 AM BBT: Judd and Helen are talking in the bathroom about what they are allowed to say about the eviction and what they are not. Like, they can’t just tell someone they don’t have the votes and they are going home. Because they are talking about production rules… we get fish.

Feeds come back and Judd tells Helen that Aaryn tried to explain the whole thing about flipping Candice’s bed and that she just propped it against the wall, she didn’t throw it. Helen says she’ll see when she watches it at home. Helen says Howard won’t talk to her and that she like Spencer and think he’s gotten a bad rap. She had a big grudge against him for lying to her but she is turning a new leaf.


Candice comes in and joins Helen and Judd. They keep talking about old game play a bit. Judd asks if she had a with Jessie last night. Candice says yes, Jessie was having a bad day and she comforted her a bit. Feeds cut and when they return, Judd is gone. Helen tells Candice they need to talk later and they need to get Jessie out. Candice doesn’t want to talk about this stuff right now. The HouseGuests are supposed to be ready in 15 minutes for live show stuff and Candice complains they never have to do stuff this early, she is nervous and shaking.

11:00 AM BBT: Andy tells Aaryn he is not going to vote against Amanda. Aaryn says Howard thinks they are good but they aren’t. Aaryn is pissed off that Howard called her an Indian. Andy tells Aaryn that Jessie approached him to vote out Amanda with GinaMarie and Spencer. Andy says Judd wasn’t included in the plan. Howard also approached him. Andy says he couldn’t do it because McCrae, Amanda and Judd have been good with him since he first came in the house. Andy says he didn’t tell Amanda because she would flip out. Aaryn says it is not okay how easily Jessie is willing to flip the vote. They talk some more about Jessie and her flipping ways.

8-1-2013-01-45-09-PM11:15 AM BBT: Howard tells Candice he talked to Andy. He says she should talk to Andy, Jessie and Aaryn to see if they can make the vote flip happen. Candice asks him if he has something going with Spencer because if he does, she will just go home. Candice thinks Spencer may have made some kind of alliance deal to get her out after she fought with him. Howard says the players are already working on next week. Although Howard is still hoping for those votes and/or tie breaker save, he seems resigned to leaving. He tells Candice that this week’s game play is done with him out of here and he is gone.

11:20 AM BBT: The Live Feeds go to fish to prepare for tonight’s eviction show on CBS. They may or may not return for a while before the show. If they do, we will update this post with the latest before the CBS show starts. Regardless, at this point it looks solid that Howard will still be the one going home this week.

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