When we saw the Big Brother 15 photo booth pics for this week, we got a little nostalgic about Judd — who is pictured in them and is now sitting in the Jury House. Only a little though, because he was way too fond of calling women horrible things and trash-talking in a really nasty manner about other HouseGuests.

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Still, Judd was funny (when he wasn’t being mean) and had a personality, which is more than we can really say for any of the final four left in the house. Okay, well, GinaMarie can also be somewhat entertaining — when she’s not making racist remarks or being derogatory about another HouseGuest because they are adopted.

Damn, okay, well nevermind. All the HouseGuests this year are just foul-mouthed, insulting, demeaning a**holes really. (And don’t say Nick, Elissa, Helen, or whomever wasn’t because we can find some burning examples of their aholery on the Live Feeds too.) So, anyway, let’s just shut up now and look at more photo booth pics from this week, okay? Yeah, we’re going to do that.

We like the Photo Booth and kind of hope it will return next year, especially if it turns out to be a Big Brother All Stars season. But we’re betting they will probably take it away, since they tend to pretty much do that with anything we consider fun.

View the rest of this week’s pics at CBS.com.

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