The Big Brother Live Feeds have been a bit slow since the Power of Veto Ceremony wrapped up on Monday. With the Houseguests almost entirely united on the eviction plan this week, most of the scheming has been about what will happen with Thursday’s Heads of Household Competition.

Not much went on Tuesday afternoon besides a lot of us giggling at how adorably cute Nicole is in that frog punishment suit. We had a bit of game play talk here and there, mostly about who would nominate whom if they won HoH. And Zach continuing to play with the fake rumor he is related to former player Amanda Zuckerman.

Just before midnight, we got a bit more of the sparks between Cody and Amber. Amber told Cody she wants to be closer to him. The problem is, there is that whole Caleb is obsessed with her thing. She feels trapped even though she doesn’t think she has ever given him any cause to believe she likes him that way. Caleb, of course, is watching the two of them like a hawk.

We also had a very interesting tidbit between Christine and Nicole, who discussed throwing a couple of votes to evict Caleb instead of Devin — and hopefully have the blame fall on Donny or Brittany and Jocasta.

12:00 AM – Amber and Cody continue to cuddle, giggle, and talk light game in the hammock. The looks on Caleb’s face are a little scary at times. Most of the rest of the Houseguests hang out in the backyard talking about various stuff, nothing very serious.

12:30 AM – Derrick, Cody, and Zach talk at the pool table. Zach tells Derrick about telling Victoria he would not put her up if she won HoH as long as she doesn’t put him up. Zach says Victoria totally bought it and that he was able to pry a lot of info out of her. He says she doesn’t trust Frankie or Christine.

1:00 AM – Cody talks to Zach in the storage room about his conversation with Amber. He says that he is the only person she says she trusts. Zach says Caleb was pissed off by them being so close. Cody says that is annoying and Devin needs to get over it because it is not in the cards. Zach says he is going to throw the HoH Competition because he doesn’t need to win. Cody doesn’t want to go up on the block though, so he isn’t going to throw it. Cody is concerned about Caleb over the Amber thing and really thinks he needs to go sooner rather than later.

3:00 AM – Caleb whines to Frankie about Amber and how she doesn’t appreciate him and how he’s had her back. Then Frankie goes to take a shower and comes out as ‘straight’ Frankie and slobbers all over Brittany and talks about how fine she is. He goes back in the bathroom and comes out again and he’s ‘gay’ Frankie once more.

3:20 AM – Devin tells Caleb that Amber is playing him for a fool and if she gets up on the block, he needs to do everything he can to get her out. Devin says Caleb will be the last person he wants to hug when he heads out the door.

3:45 AM – Derrick, Christine, Cody, Zach, Frankie, and Derrick all do a weird handshake thing on a five person alliance they are going to call the Detonators. Which just gives us a chance to use a whole lot more phrases about them ‘blowing up’ when that alliance comes crashing down just like The Bomb Squad.

Meanwhile, Nicole and Hayden talk in the hammock about game and who they think would be good to work with, and who they don’t trust.

4:00 AM – Cody talks about how Caleb questioned him about hanging out with Amber, but that he is mad at Amber, not him. Derrick says Caleb might well volunteer to go up on the block if Amber gets evicted and goes to Jury, just so he can be in Jury with her.

4:15 AM – Nicole and Hayden think Donny is probably America’s Player. Hayden is scared to make an alliance with Donny because even though they are friends, he is in too many already. He wants The Bomb Squad to truly be dead before he does that and wonders how he might be able to speed it’s demise.

5:00 AM – Frankie smacks Zach on the rear and Zach whispers in his ear. Frankie jokes that he’s already told Zach he wants to get freaky with him. Zach says if he ever questions his sexuality, Frankie will be the first person to know, but it’s probably not going to happen.

5:25 AM – Derrick tells Cody he is not happy that they used that sweet ‘Detonators’ name for that alliance. They don’t trust Frankie at all and Zach talks too much. Obviously they are not expecting this grouping to last, or even are really committed to it! They are calling their two person alliance the Hitmen and think it’s awesome. Until suddenly they think it is stupid. And then they can’t think of anything else, so it stays the Hitmen.

6:00 AM – Everyone mostly asleep but Derrick and Cody continuing to gab. Finally they head off to bed and Derrick tells the camera he is in five alliances but the only ones he is true to are Team America and The Hitmen. Everything else is just to make sure he stays safe. He says he trusts Cody and he is playing a good game and they can go to the end together. He thinks The Detonators have several weak links and Los Tes Amigos with Zach and Cody is not really anything at all.

6:45 AM – All the Houseguests are now in bed and appear to be sleeping.

9:25 AM – Half the house has barely been asleep, but it’s still wake up time. The Live Feeds cut out and when they come back, some of the HGs are starting to crawl around. Briefly, anyway. Christine complains that someone has taken her Bible without asking to and she is upset. Frank complains that Victoria got way too close to him while telling him she was sick. He demonstrates by climbing on Jocasta. Frankie helps Donny with a chore outside and then promptly goes back to bed. So does Christine.

10:50 AM – Donny lays blankets over Caleb and Amber where they are sleeping and goes outside to sit with Donny and Jocasta. Donny and Jocasta go for a walk around the yard. Jocasta says Brittany told her Cody thinks he and Donny may end up on the block.

11:10 AM – Devin is packing his bag already. He knows his goose is not just cooked, but burnt to a crisp. Donny and Jocasta talk a bit of game while they play pool outside.

12:20 AM – Brittany finds red Dixie cups in the pantry. Everyone is hoping this means some liquor is on the way soon. Brittany is super excited and keeps saying “I love you Big Brother” over and over.

12:50 PM – Devin practices his eviction speech in a whisper on the stairs. Meanwhile, Brittany complains that her bathing suit ‘explodes fat’ from the bottom. Victoria whines that Devin bugged her this morning trying to talk to her after she just woke up.

Devin tells Donny outside that he really does wish him the best of luck. They go inside and Jocasta is mock-preaching to Amber that she isn’t dressed right for church. Devin joins in and says Amber doesn’t need to run the streets anymore. Amber finds this insulting and says there is nothing wrong with wearing a bathing suit. Devin tells her to chill, he wasn’t being serious.

1:15 PM – Caleb complaining about Amber again.

2:00 PM – Christine tells Nicole she can trust Derrick because he doesn’t spill secrets. Nicole wants Hayden and Cody to win Head of Household this week. Nicole talks about how people are going to see Hayden and her as a showmance but she is not going to even kiss him while they are in the house.

2:10 PM – Amber has a wardrobe malfunction and her top pops open while she is trying to take off her mic. Oops! Amber is mad that she exposed herself. Christine doesn’t think the cameras caught it. The cameras are everywhere my dear!

2:20 PM – Caleb and Hayden talk about that they would put up Jocasta, Victoria, and Brittany if they won HoH. Caleb says he would not have a problem voting up Amber if she went up and he doesn’t trust Cody or Zach. Caleb says he can’t put Amber up because people would think it is just because she doesn’t like him. (Ding ding ding.)

2:30 PM – Caleb just will not let this thing with Amber go. He is pissed at her. She won’t give him love and now she’s flirting and cuddling with Cody. He can’t stand it. He tells Derrick they need to get Amber and Frankie up on the block. Derrick tells Caleb he needs to stop obsessing over Amber and get his head in the game.

3:10 PM – Frankie and Zach nap in what may be the cutest thing we’ve seen all week. Awwww… Frankie eventually gets up. Zach stays in bed.


More coming soon in our Big Brother Live Feeds spoilers update for Wednesday, July 16!

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