Crazy fun Big Brother spoilers on the Live Feeds overnight with a massive fight capping off a day of intrigue and smack talk from all around. Now the drama continues as one Houseguest fights to save themselves from eviction, while another tries to keep their head above water with the whole house turning against them!

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WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

9:40 AM BBT: Audrey talks to Vanessa about what happened last night. Audrey says she told Jace that everyone knew he was getting evicted and he started screaming. She admits she said some stuff that probably made it worse, like he was overdramatic and makes people feel uncomfortable.

Audrey wonders if people are pushing blame off onto her for things to make themselves look better. She wants to talk to Becky and John.  and then goes back to bed. They continue with more but there is a lot of whispering that is hard to follow. Vanessa seems to be advising Audrey on what to do. Vanessa is called to the Diary Room.

9:50 AM BBT: Jason tells John that Jace was working to flip the house vote last night. John says Jace came after him some too.

In the pantry, Clay tells Austin that Audrey is screwing them and he will talk to him about it later. Clay says Audrey is not with them anymore. Clay leaves. Jul/Liz comes in and Austin tells her Clay is going against Audrey now too.

10:05 AM BBT: Feeds go to fish for what is probably the official wake up call.

10:35 AM BBT: Austin and Jeff talk in the bathroom. Jeff says they just have to go with the house to preserve their own game. Jeff says this helps Austin and Liz out by making them safe.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-30-2015 1

10:45 AM BBT: Feeds return. Jeff talks to Liz/Jul about what happened overnight and how everyone wants Audrey out now. The plan to evict Jace is still in motion.

10:50 AM BBT: Austin is worried about Audrey finding out everyone is after her now in case she might win Head of Household.

10:57 AM BBT: Jeff tells Liz they have another week in the house guaranteed with Audrey definitely being the next to go.

11:05 AM BBT: John and Vanessa talk it out and they vow to have each other’s backs. Vanessa says she doesn’t really have any reason to vote against Jace. John says he thinks Audrey was the source of all the drama, but he doesn’t want to be involved.

11:55 AM BBT: Clay and Austin smack talk about Audrey some more and say that she has been manipulating everyone and playing both sides.

12:00 AM BBT: Meg and Clay laugh off all the crazy rumors going around. Meanwhile, Jace is really trying to figure out how to stay. Liz tells him Jackie has support people.

12:30 PM BBT: James gets the first Head of Household camera of the season and a round of photos ensues with all the Houseguests, including Audrey.

1:30 PM BBT: Audrey, Da’Vonne and Vanessa discuss all the rumor mongering going on. This erupts abruptly into the first real bonafide ‘House Meeting’ of the season. The topic is the rumor that there was an alliance of everyone wearing black in the house. Vanessa had been crying about this rumor earlier because she was allegedly part of it. Da’Vonne goes after Audrey asking her if she’s been spreading rumors, Audrey denies it.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-30-2015 1

Huge nasty battle and everyone ends up going after Audrey HARDCORE. Yelling, name-calling, crying madness! You must simply rewind on the Big Brother Live Feeds and watch it all.

1:45 PM BBT: After the ‘House Meeting’ aka Audrey Attack session, Audrey cries to Vanessa and Shelli after everyone else exits. They aren’t really believing her though. Shelli says she wants to trust her but doesn’t know how she can right now.

1:48 PM BBT: Jace talks to Steve all about Audrey and how she’s behind all the rumors and drama in the house. Pretty much Audrey is getting blamed for everything by everyone at this point.

1:50 PM BBT: Audrey talks to Shelli and Vanessa and accuses Da’Vonne of feeling threatened so she is trying to blame everyone on Audrey. But Vanessa and Shelli are still not believing it. Audrey says she feels like a “martyr” with everyone attacking her, and that Jason and Da’Vonne are tearing her down to forward their own games.

2:05 PM BBT: Clay and Shelli tell Audrey they have been loyal to them and neither of them want to win Head of Household because they might have to put her up. Clay says Audrey needs to lay low and slowly work on damage control. They both tell her they support her but they can’t jeopardize their own games for her. Feeling defeated, Audrey says she thinks she has already lost.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-30-2015 1

2:30 PM BBT: Steve says there is a 14 person alliance in the house now to get Audrey out.

2:35 PM BBT: Clay tells Shelli she needs to stay away from Audrey or she is going to end up a big target too. They both leave Audrey to her misery.

2:45 PM BBT: Da’Vonne says Jace still has to be evicted this week because he’s so afraid of leaving he might even try to deal with Audrey.

2:50 PM BBT: Vanessa says she has realized that everything people have said about Audrey is true and the ‘House Meeting’ was the final nail in the coffin.

3:00 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Vanessa it is way too soon for the whole house to be crazy like it is. We agree, but damn it is fun!

3:15 PM BBT: Jace starts campaigning that if he gets saves he will go after Audrey for everyone.

3:30 PM BBT: Clay visits Audrey and tells her he is her friend and there is still time for her to fix things. Audrey doesn’t want to hear anything in her misery right now and he leaves.

3:45 PM BBT: Shelli talks to Clay about Audrey trying to think of how to get Clay and Jeff to go against each other. Clay says he knows Audrey is playing the game but she has been the most loyal to them. They discuss various things Audrey has said. They agree they need to try to get close with Da’Vonne and Jason, even if they are anti-Audrey, and all the drama has brought everyone together.

4:10 PM BBT: Jace is still trying every way of campaigning he can, but no one is listening or willing to back him. He tries to get Clay and Shelli by telling them he can start a revolution in the house. Clay says he wants Jace to stay, but he can’t risk his game. Jace isn’t helping his cause by sort of attacking anyone who says they can’t support him. When he leaves, Clay is pissed and says no one should every question his integrity.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-30-2015 1

4:50 PM BBT: Jeff tells Audrey that she needs to just clear the air and own up to whatever she’s done. Audrey says she hasn’t done anything she needs to confess. She tries to blame Da’Vonne for being the instigator behind the drama.

5:00 PM BBT: Austin is the next to come to talk to Audrey. She keeps working to get each of the HGs that talk to her to believe she is the victim here. Audrey does tell Austin there was an 8 person alliance but won’t name who was in it because they will know she told. He is kind of mean and says she doesn’t have anyone behind her anymore anyway.

5:40 PM BBT: Jason tells Jace that the season is so long he thinks someone must be coming back, so there is a chance he could come back even if he is evicted.

5:55 PM BBT: Audrey talks with Shelli and Clay and says she is going to go after everyone who pretended to be her friend and target Da’Vonne, Jason, and Meg. She thinks Shelli and Clay should get with Vanessa, Jackie, and Austin. Clay and Audrey get into it a bit and he says she is only thinking of herself right now and not of them. Audrey shoots back that she shouldn’t even want to work with him if he is going to say that stuff. He says that’s fine and she doesn’t have to! What is best for him and Shelli right now is not to be with Audrey and they confront her about lies she has told them. Audrey denies she meant to lie to them.

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