Big Brother Live Feeds – Tuesday Evening – June 30, 2015

6:08 PM BBT: Jace comes in and tells Audrey, Clay and Shelli he is done and doesn’t care about their votes anymore. He leaves. Shelli says she feels like Audrey is trying to manipulate her into thinking things happened differently than they did. Clay is upset and he leaves.

6:20 PM BBT: Audrey talks to Austin again and he is trying to advise her on how to turn around her game. He says if there is any chance Jace might stay, she could team up with them and Vanessa. Vanessa comes in and Audrey promises if she doesn’t get evicted, she would have their backs.

7:10 PM BBT: Vanessa is outside and turns right around and tells folks that Audrey is a good liar.

7:25 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Clay that she doesn’t know who to trust in the house anymore. Clay swears she can trust him. Meanwhile, Audrey tells Jace that he was always the backdoor plan from the beginning. She urges him to work to shine a negative light on Da’Vonne and get the house focused on her. She’s got a serious hate hard-on for Da’Vonne now!

Meanwhile, Jace is holed up in the bedroom with Audrey playing the who is a bigger victim game.

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7:50 PM BBT: The Head of Household crew is talking about the main topic of conversation again. Audrey, Audrey, Audrey. Clay says he doesn’t even want to sleep in the same room with her anymore. No one does. They think it is weird Jace is being all friendly with her again and that they are probably going to work together to try to flip the vote. They wonder if she was a saboteur and if so, they are glad to get that over with. John says Audrey tried to talk to him but he doesn’t want to go there.

8:05 PM BBT: Vanessa and Austin talk game play. Austin doesn’t really know if they should try to keep Jace in the game. Vanessa says she is considering working with Audrey, even though she called her a big liar. They talk about their final 2 deal and Austin swears he would put her over Jace if they get to final 3.

8:15 PM BBT: Vanessa is trying to comfort Jace and says she’d rather be on the block than be the “evil douchebag” who got him up there. Jace is seriously pissed about he 8 person alliance he wasn’t in on. She says that if somehow they flip the house, would he promise her a final 3 with him and Austin? Jace would do anything to stay at this point. Vanessa tells Jace just to lay low and they will be going after James, who is the person who is really behind backdooring him, not Audrey.

8:20 PM BBT: Vanessa and Audrey talk again and Vanessa tells Audrey they need to act like enemies in the house. Vanessa says Audrey should call her names or whatever. Audrey tells Vanessa all about the alliance of eight. Audrey promises she will put keeping Vanessa safe as her top priority. Jace comes in. Vanessa and Audrey act like they are angry with each other and start accusing and blaming each other over stuff.

8:19 PM BBT: The HoH crew are still going back and forth over all the drama today. Tons of smack talk! Mostly about Audrey, of course.

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8:24 PM BBT: Jason tells Meg that if Audrey returns after getting evicted he will set her on fire at the door. He accuses Production of wanting her around so much they will give her all the answers at the Head of Household Competition.

8:25 PM BBT: After Vanessa leaves, Audrey wants to know why he has given up. Jace wants to know why she and Vanessa were talking. Audrey says it wasn’t a good conversation. Jace says they all need to work together though, but Audrey lies and says Vanessa doesn’t even want to talk to her.

8:40 PM BBT: In one of the nastiest bits we’ve seen on the Big Brother Live Feeds in years, Jace goes after Steve in a very nasty way. He wants Steve’s promises of support but he isn’t getting it, so he attacks him and starts calling him names and saying all kinds of horrible stuff. This is certainly a rewind on the Big Brother Live Feeds moment and we’re appalled at Jace and hope he gets THROWN out the door on eviction night. Jace ends his rant by saying his plan to stay in the house is huge and if Steve doesn’t want to be a target, he better get on board! What a douche!

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9:30 PM BBT: Austin tells Jeff that he doesn’t know if he can trust Clay. Jeff says the same about James.

10:00 PM BBT: Steve talks to James about everything that has happened with Audrey. James tells him that Audrey has been causing all kinds of drama, starting rumors, manipulating people, and lying about all kinds of stuff.

10:15 PM BBT: Shelli and Clay are worried that Jeff has been talking to Vanessa about stuff instead of Clay. After that, Jeff clears the air and tells Clay he doesn’t want to work with Vanessa because she is weak and only good as a potential pawn.

10:35 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Vanessa that no one is gunning for her right now. Vanessa isn’t sure who she should trust at this point and says if Da’Vonne knows of any alliance looking for a member, let her know.

11:20 PM BBT: Despite being ripped up by Jace earlier and having his own sorrows to deal with, good guy Steve checks in on Audrey. He offers to bring her snacks and asks if she needs anything so she doesn’t have to leave the bedroom. He’s very sweet and we suddenly really like this guy.

State of the House:

Big Brother 17 Alliance Chart 6-29-2015 ( courtesy of @89razorskate20 )

Big Brother 17 Alliance Chart 6-29-2015 ( courtesy of @89razorskate20 )

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