Our Big Brother Power Rankings are in for week four, and we’ve had some interesting shuffling around in our ratings since our last report. There certainly has been a lot going on, and with the Battle Back competition and special Friday episode coming up, things are only going to get even more entertaining in the days ahead.

Big Brother 18 8 Pack

The past week in the Big Brother 18 house has been truly golden for those watching the Big Brother Live Feeds. So much drama! Enemies buddying up, former allies at each other’s throats. This season is more and more like a good soap opera drama every day. Just can’t wait to see what happens when the Battle Back winner gets thrown back into the mix Friday night. But before that, let’s get to this week’s Power Rankings, shall we?

1. Paulie Calafiore – I had doubts after winning his second HOH that he would screw it all up, but so far so good. Paulie has put himself into a strong showmance pact with Corey, Nicole and Zakiyah. These four are completely in control of the game and have had 3 HOH’s plus a POV under their watch. Paulie’s social game is what really keeps him at the top of the list and it’s identical to his brother Cody.

2. James Huling – James may not be the most strategic player, but he has found himself in a great position this season. He is playing almost the same game from Big Brother 16, but there’s no Vanessa this season. He is not on anyone’s radar and I do not expect him to be soon. You have to expect he’ll win an upcoming competition with an endurance comp. likely coming up, you know he’s the favorite.

Big Brother James and Natalie

3. Natalie Negrotti – I am not sure if sh’s even playing the game, but she’s safe. Natalie is one girl to watch in this game because she’s not perceived as a threat and she’s quiet. I think her only weakness is her showmance with James because the showmance pact and Michele have decided to try to break them up. The others could try to weaken James by voting her out, so they should downplay their showmance.

4. Zakiyah Everette – Social game, social game, social game. It’s her best game move that she is playing right now and it will be the key to her surviving on the block. Zakiyah hasn’t really had to play hard considering her alliance members have won three HOH’s this season. She’s destined to go far in this game, good news for her is that if she and Paulie end up on the block together, she’d likely survive against him. She’s the weakest in the showmance pact, ut that’s the reason she will likely outlast Nicole, Corey and Paulie.

5. Michelle Meyer – Michelle’s gameplay is one of the poorest all season, but she is not someone I expect to see targeted soon. She’s currently the 5th wheel in the showmance alliance and they are likely to protect her. I have no idea why anyone would want to go to the end with two showmances, but here we are. Maybe her strategy is to hide behind the showmances and then start to make her move. Either way, I do not see any danger for her game in the next few weeks.

6. Corey Brooks – Corey’s playing a pretty good game and he should feel good about winning the power of veto to save himself. I think Corey has set himself up nicely with the showmance pact to make it far in the game. He’s playing a pretty decent social game and no one is strongly targeting him. I have no idea why the houseguest are letting him slide based on his body build, but good job, Corey!

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7. Paul Abrahamian – Paul is one of the most improved gamers, but he is not top five because many view him as a rat. He does expose everything to Paulie and the others are noticing those two as becoming close lately. The only thing that can hurt Paulie is a Jozea or Victor returning because he would land on the block right next to them. But Paul has put himself in the showmance pact and it has done him wonders.

8. Nicole Franzel – I think there’s a possibility that Nicole could be in danger next week. It just depends on who wins HOH because she’s pretty good socially and in competitions. I could see someone like Bridgette or Frank making a move to target her. But other than that, Nicole is in an average position, but she should hope Da’vonne should not be HOH. Her hate for Da’vonne is really harming her game moving forward.

9. Bridgette Dunning – Bridgette has been safe in the game due to Category four winning HOH’s recently. But she hasn’t lowered that target on her back and after a blindside boot of her ally she’s struggling. The house really doesn’t like her outside of Frank and I could see a scenario where she goes home. If Frank wins POV, then you’re looking at a Bridgette boot and there’s no doubt they will be sitting next to each other. The house is against Frank and they want to weaken him at all cost.

10. Da’vonne Rogers – Day is still suffering from running her mouth in the game from early on. The sad thing is she was 100 % safe during those weeks, but all the paranoia and game she spilled to others is haunting her. The showmance pact does not trust her because information has been given back to them that they only told her in confidence. Just like Frank, she’s a ticking time bomb.

Big Brother 18 Frank and Da'Vonne

11. Frank Eudy – His game has been tanking for the past week or two, but he didn’t help himself this week either. He aligned with Tiffany, fought to keep her and it made people suspicious of him. Barring a Bridgette or Frank HOH, he’s likely to be nominated this week and will go home if he loses power of veto. Everyone considers Frank a threat and he’s just not long for this game.

12. Tiffany Rousso – Likely the boot this week, barring a major flip in the house. I think she did not herself no favors in the game by being anti-social in the beginning. The girls did shun her, but she did not help herself by being very quiet in rooms and staring them down. I was shocked she did not leave last week, so her going this week is not a surprise and now that she’s clearly working with Frank she has to go.


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