Big Brother 2016 ended Sunday’s episode on one major reveal. Frank, as the Roadkill winner, chose to secretly nominate Paul for eviction. Tonight’s episode starts with that major decision.

Da'Vonne Big Brother 18

Paranoia quickly sets in as Jozea and Paul start to speculate who is working against them. The messiah then makes sure that all his followers keep with his master plan: vote out Paulie and stay loyal to him.

Everyone immediately scatters after the Roadkill nomination. Jozea starts to whisper to Da’Vonne, James, and Zakiyah that he suspects that Michelle holds the Roadkill power, because she didn’t acknowledge or hug him after the meeting. Later, Nicole tries to comfort Paul about being nominated, but he acts unbothered by the whole situation.

A few days later, Head of Household Nicole gathers everyone to the living room to pick players for the Power of Veto competition. As HOH, she gets to pick the two additional players. If Nicole picks her own name from the bag, or any of the three nominees, they choose a player. Nicole first draws Da’Vonne’s name from the veto bag. She then lucks out and draws her own name. She chooses Corey to play for the veto.

Dizzy Dog: All the veto players dress in dog costumes for this week’s Power of Veto competition. Michelle hosts it. Players must spin on a disk 15 times to start a 45 second timer. They then need to stack 40 dog treat pieces all the way to the top, and then hit their buzzers. They must continuously run back to the disk, before their 45 seconds run out, or they will automatically get eliminated if it reaches 0.

Big Brother 18 Jozea Racist

Da’Vonne gets pretty close to winning, but her treats fall off just as she heads to restart the timer. Everyone else has too much trouble with adjusting to the spinning, so they find it hard to focus on the stacking portion of the competition.

In the end, Paul figures out that he can create a strong base just by pushing as many bones as he can get in the center. He then basically tosses all the treats on top.

Paulie also figures out a semi-useful strategy, but he’s not quick enough. Paul wins the POV. The 8-Pack and Jozea seem unbothered by Paul’s win, but for different reasons.

We see a few side segments during this episode. The first is a prank by James . It involves putting shaving cream in Paul’s hands as he sleeps. The second segment shows Tiffany revealing to Paulie that she’s Vanessa’s sister. She wants to use the siblings thing to bond them. It seems to work.

Jozea decides he wants to have a house meeting. He invites everyone but Tiffany, Michelle, Nicole, Frank, Corey, and Paulie. Da’Vonne comes to the HOH room, where all those players are hanging out, to grab Zakiyah for the meeting. Meanwhile, Bronte and Natalie send Bridgette up to the HOH room to spy.

Paulie starts to get annoyed that Jozea is bluntly gathering the whole house to vote him out. During the meeting, Jozea discusses how he needs the house to stay united. Bronte also mentions how she sent Bridgette to spy for their group.

Big Brother 18-Paulie Calafiore and Bridgette

Zakiyah takes note of this remark. Later, Paulie calls Jozea out on his house meeting. Jozea attempts to pretend that the meeting had nothing to do with voting out Paulie.

During the veto ceremony, Paul uses the veto to save himself. Frank puts up Bridgette as a replacement nominee. Tomorrow either Jozea, Brigette, or Paulie will become the second evictee from Big Brother 18.

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