Every year, the Big Brother Jury members sit down for a roundtable discussion over the merits of the houseguests who may end up competing for their votes in the Final Two. Things sometimes get quited heated, and after what we recently saw happen in the Jury house between Paulie Calafiore, Da’Vonne Rogers, and Zakiyah Everette, we can’t wait to see how this year’s debate goes.

Dr. Will Kirby

Former Big Brother winner Dr. Will Kirby will be hosting this year’s Jury discussion, as he has done for the previous three years. According to Dr. Will, this season’s Jury is the “best, most opinionated, most entertaining” jury that he’s sat down with so far.

Well, after that whole throwdown in the Jury house with Paulie and Da’Vonne, it’s easy to see that tensions and emotions are running very high with the Jury members. However, the most “bitter” Jury members might not be who we think, according to Dr. Will.

“I will state that some that I expected to be bitter aren’t and others that I anticipated would be totally objective are very emotionally volatile,” Kirby said in an interview with Zap2It. “Unstable, you could argue.”

As for the whole Paulie, Zakiyah, Da’Vonne emotional drama, Dr. Will said he was not legally allowed to comment about that whole confrontation. However, he said he was “allowed to state that all precautions were made to ensure the safety of all jury members and everyone was allowed and encouraged to air their grievances.”

Dr. Will said the Jury is “confused, conflicted and tormented,” which, to him, is a great thing. “When a juror comes into this segment with a set opinion it shows lack of intelligence.” Instead, Kirby said, a really great juror is someone who has an open mind right up until the end.

Unfortunately, Dr. Will refused to predict a winner in his interview with Zap2It.com, saying that the “conspiracy theorists go bananas” whenever he did that, especially after he predicted Ian would win season 14 fairly early on. So now he just doesn’t feel like being swamped by “nerds” complaining to his Twitter account over him making any kind of prediction.

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