The Big Brother 20 premiere episodes introduced us to the sixteen new players trying to win $500,000. Now that we basically know them, it’s time to see how they play the game. The premiere night episodes focused a lot on Chris “Swaggy C” Williams, Tyler Crispen, Kaitlyn Herman, Sam Bledsoe, and Bayleigh Dayton. Tonight, we should get to see more of the personalities of the other 11 players.

Big Brother 20 Alliance Five

The house divide plays a major role in this week’s action. With two sides at war,  CBS plans to capitalize on this huge division. Prior to nominations, Swaggy and the rest of the “Five” wanted to take a swing at Winston Hines and Angela Rummans. Tyler didn’t grant their wishes.  Regardless, Angela and Winston did not take the news well that they were the target from the other side of the house this week.

Tyler didn’t go with the plan to go after Winston and Angela because he is really with “Level Six” alliance, which is the Winston-Angela side of the house, and also because he believes it’s too early for a big game move. He made the safe, non-consequential move of nominating Sam and Steve Arienta.  This decision has created a riff with the the “Five” alliance that desperately wants Tyler to make a power move during his first week as HOH.

Big Brother 20 Alliance Level Six

Another interesting deal was made between four of the power males inside the Big Brother house.  The deal was between Swaggy, Faysal Shafaat, Brett Robinson, and Winston.  However, Brett takes the deal information right back to his alliance of Level Six.  Tyler, this week’s HOH, teases about putting Swaggy up as a replacement nomination this week.  Does Tyler have the nerves of steel to nominate a power player like Swaggy?

Big Brother 20 Promo

Week 1 Nominations Fall-Out

Now that Sam and Steve (both floaters) are on the block, each side gets to keep their key players. Steve and Sam need to start forming bonds, and getting targets on other players, or kiss their Big Brother 20 chances goodbye.  Sam has a rough road ahead of her being that she must form bonds and alliances with the houseguests by simply using her voice.  Sam is still in her punishment mode as a robot, and this will continue until the first live eviction.

Sam asks that the houseguests visit her in the storage room to give their thoughts to her about the current situation she is inside the Big Brother house.  Steve is also busy talking up his game to the houseguests.  Surprisingly, his closest ally in the Big Brother house thus far is Scottie Salton.  Although Steve could technically be his father, they have established a very close bond in a short amount of time.

Big Brother 20 Sam Bledsoe

Sam again has an emotional breakdown because she misses home and feels like an outcast.  JC Moundiux does not take it easy on Sam and tells her just like it is.  He explains that she needs to buck up and realize how many people would die to be in her position right now inside the Big Brother house.

Week 1 Showmances

In short order, love is in the air inside the Big Brother 20 house.  Swaggy C and Bayleigh have very much taken to one other rather quickly.  Once Swaggy realized he was in a Big Brother showmance, he questioned himself as to why he allowed himself to get into this position.  He cam talked and explained that the guy never wins in this situation inside the Big Brother house.  Will Swaggy continue his relationship with Bayleigh or decide that the risk is greater than the reward?

Week 1 Have-Nots 

Tyler must chose four people to be Have-Nots for the first week. Will he make a decision, or play it safe and let people volunteer?  The houseguests volunteer to be the first have-nots, and those volunteers are Scottie, Winston, Brett, and Kaitlyn.  The have-nots must eat slop, take cold showers, and sleep in uncomfortable quarters in a 3 foot satellite dish.  There is nothing notably new with the have-not punishment inside the Big Brother house this season.

Big Brother 20 Have-not Brett Robinson

Big Brother 20 Week 1 App Store Reward and Punishments

America has the power to give someone a Big Brother 20 App Store power. They also can punish someone for being boring. Whoever wins this power becomes a major threat, because they have the most dangerous player on their side: America.  America was given the opportunity to get players trending with the highest trending player receiving a reward while the lowest trending houseguest receives a punishment.

The houseguests were led into the App Store privately and told whether or not they had received the highest or lowest trending player title for the week.  This week’s highest trending player is none other than Sam, who needed the help the most.  The lowest trending player during week one is Faysal.  The rewards and punishments for this new twist are meant to change the Big Brother game this season.

Big Brother 20 App Store

Faysal chose Hamazon as his Crapp App in the App Store and must eat all of the ham each time it is delivered to him.  Sam chose +1 Bonus Life which grants her power to return to the Big Brother house if evicted during the next 4 weeks only.  Sam can use this power on herself or another houseguest, but this App must be used within the first 4 weeks or the 4th evicted houseguest automatically receives the power.

How will this new power Sam received from America effect the game?  Will Sam keep this information to herself or share with the other houseguests?  Who will win the Power of Veto?  Will Tyler keep his nominations the same?

Join us again Wednesday at 7:00pm CST/8:00pm EST for the first Big Brother 20 Power of Veto competition.

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