Last night, it was a madhouse in the Big Brother 20 world. The latest F.O.U.T.T.E blindside sent that entire side into a tailspin of emotions. They were crying, arguing, and wondering who they could trust in the Big Brother 2018 game. While all this went on, Sam Bledsoe was loving life.

Big Brother Nominations

Surprisngly, Sam won this week’s Head of Household, which seemed odd to most of the viewers. Sam and a few others know that more than likely, whoever gets evicted on Thursday walks right back into the Big Brother 20 house. This week could create more enemies that friends for the queen of Big Brother peace.

After getting her Head of Household room, Sam set some ground rules. Rule #1, she would not be having any one-on ones. She made her mind up about nominations, and no one was going to change her mind. Rule #2, no one could be in her HOH room without her being in there as well. Rule #3, this week she just wanted peace. She didn’t want any drama. Nominations would happen and everyone can move from there. Rule #4, she wasn’t going to tell anyone who she planned to nominate.

Of course, the final rule got many players in complete freak out mode. You could see Tyler Crispen dying to try to influence her nominations. JC Mounduix wasn’t too worried about these nominations, because he was sure that he knew who Sam planned to nomiate.

The day before, Sam got really annoyed with Kaitlyn Herman and Hayleigh Broucher. This made them seem like Sam’s guaranteed nominees. However, Sam knows that someone could come back, so she might want to try something a bit unexpected with her nominations.

We know for sure she wasn’t going to nominate Tyler, Angela Rummans, Brett Robinson, Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, Kaycee Clark, and probably not JC. She had told these players (with the exception of JC) that they weren’t going on the block this week.

So who did Sam nominate for eviction this Big Brother 20 week?



JC was right. Sam nominated Haleigh Broucher and Kaitlyn Herman for eviction. We’ll have to see how this all plays out during tomorrow’s Power of Veto competition.

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