The Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds over the past couple of days have been a riot leading into the Double Eviction episode on Thursday night. First we were absolutely positive which one of the final nominees would be the one who got evicted on Big Brother tonight. Then suddenly everything turned upside down in the house and now it looks like the the vote has totally flipped!

Big Brother 2014 Cast (CBS)

Big Brother 2014 Cast (CBS)

If our Big Brother Live Feeds spoilers from last night hold true, the Houseguests most likely to be shocked at tonight’s first eviction won’t be the nominees, it will be Hayden and Nicole! They are totally convinced they have the rest of the Big Brother 2014 cast voting exactly how they want them to. After the first vote tonight, they think they are about to have the majority vote on their side of the house. They couldn’t be more wrong.

We coudn’t have a more fun Big Brother eviction results night ahead of us than we do this evening. Not only do we have a whole week of Big Brother 16 packed into one night with two live evictions, a Power of Veto showdown, and two Head of Household Competitions, but there should be plenty of drama packed in between.

We can’t wait to see the looks on the faces of some of the Houseguests after the first live eviction. Just wait until they realize how high the odds are against them to survive the rest of the night!

In some TV markets tonight, the Big Brother 16 double eviction show will be delayed by football. We’ll be here live, however, to make sure you get all the updates and results as they happen! So be sure to join us right here below for our live Big Brother recap of the week 8 eviction & HoH show starting at 9PM ET.

Big Brother 16 host Julie Chen announces that the two Houseguests evicted tonight will both go to Jury. That’s right, Jury starts tonight!

After the Power of Veto Meeting, both Jocasta and Zach have been reassured they are safe and both seem to believe it. Meanwhile, however, the house is plotting behind their backs. Derrick says that now the Veto hasn’t been used and Frankie is not going to be backdoored, the next target is Zach. Cody, Hayden, and Derrick discuss getting Zach out and how they should handle Frankie and Caleb. They will all lie to Zach about it.

Frankie notices that Cody and Derrick are whispering and then stopping when he walks up. This makes him very nervous. He is remembering what Zach told him a while back about him having the Los Tres Amigos three-person alliance with Cody and Derrick. He wants to know what is going on.

Frankie wants to know what Derrick and Cody would be paranoid about talking about in front of him. Derrick says that’s not what was going on. Derrick says he has to do some damage control. Derrick asks Frankie what’s got him on edge. Frankie asks him if there is a final three deal with him, Cody, and Zach. Derrick says Zach has made it clear he wants to work with them. Frankie says Zach has also made it clear he wants to work with him.

Derrick says Zach has told them all things and he can’t be telling the truth to all of them. Zach may be manipulating Frankie more than he thinks. Derrick tries to convince Frankie that Zach may be playing him and they may need to evict Zach. In Diary Room, Frankie says it breaks his heart that Zach may have lost the trust of the Detonators alliance and there may be nothing he can do to save him.

Now that he has Frankie on board, Derrick wants to be the one to tell Caleb they are going after Zach this week. But Caleb is concerned about this idea because Zach is a number for their side. Zach is a vote for him and voting him out right now would be dumb, even if Zach isn’t the most trustworthy person in the house. Caleb tells Frankie and Derrick that if they stay true and are loyal the way they are supposed to be, they will make it far. But he says he will vote with the crew however they decide.

Derrick is worried now after talking to Caleb about the numbers. Why would he get rid of someone who is a vote for him and his alliance. Zach may be a snake, but he is his snake. Derrick tells Cody they have two choices (well, he says three but only tells two). They can float and vote out Zach, or they can expose Hayden and Nicole plotting to backdoor Frankie and keep Zach and the ruling numbers in the house. Otherwise Hayden and Nicole are going to target Christine and Frankie, and they will lose even more votes. They agree that Hayden and Nicole are playing them for fools.

Cody tells Christine that he thinks Nicole and Hayden are playing all of them. He tells her that they were planning on backdooring Frankie if Christine won the Power of Veto. Christine shows off her very shocked face. Nicole walks in and Cody fumbles to cover that they were whispering about her. He says she was next after Frankie. She this is unbelievable. Frankie comes in and Cody tells him the same thing and that if they evict Zach, they would be playing right into Haycole’s hands. They all agree the best idea would be to keep Zach and blindside Haycole. Derrick comes in and they confirm the plan.

Now it’s time for Julie Chen to reveal to the Houseguests that it is indeed a Double Eviction night. A lot of them thought it would be, but it still always comes as something of a shock. Julie says that the Double Head of Household Competitions twist is dead, but only for the next hour! She also tells them that either Jocasta or Zach will be going to Jury. However, they should know that just because you are out of the house, doesn’t mean you are out of the game. We thought that might happen…

In her save speech, Jocasta calls out to her family and thanks God for this opportunity. Jocasta says regardless of their decision she loves them all. She hopes they will keep her but if not, it’s all good. She gives a shoutout to her church too.

Then we have Zach’s poem speech. Roses are red, violets are blue. Everyone here is great and I love each and every one of you. You’ve all touched my heart and for that I’m so grateful. Maybe I’ll change my ways and not be so hateful. We’ve all made it to Jury, we’re on the right track. Viewers at home please #ZachAttack. Houseguests I’m begging you, please give me another chance. If you want to follow me on on Instagram or Twitter, my name is RancyPants. Your decision tonight is crucial, the wrong choice may cost ya, so in the Diary Room please vote to evict Jocasta.

Honestly, that was pretty impressive. And now to the first live vote!

First Live Eviction Vote:

  • Donny votes to evict: Zach
  • Caleb votes to evict: Jocasta
  • Christine votes to evict: Jocasta
  • Derrick votes to evict: Jocasta
  • Cody votes to evict: Jocasta
  • Hayden votes to evict: Zach
  • Frankie votes to evict: Jocasta
  • (Jocasta has now been evicted.)
  • Victoria votes to evict: Jocasta

The vote is announced and Jocasta has been evicted and will be the first person to Jury with six votes to evict. She makes quite the little mad face for a moment and then plasters a smile on her face to bid goodbye to the others. As they walk off screen, Nicole gives Hayden quite the WTF just happened look. Zach claps for himself as everyone walks off. Jocasta hugs people as she leaves but doesn’t say anything except goodbye.

Even though Jocasta had said on the Live Feeds that she thought she was safe, she tells Julie Chen that she wasn’t shocked. She says this must be what God had in mind for her. Julie talks about how Jocasta didn’t really talk about game much. She says she was trying to have a social game and she promised her momma that she wouldn’t lie and her pastor that she wouldn’t love herself. Julie tells Jocasta that she may get a chance to get back in the game and in the house. Jocasta says bring her back yes! But for now, she’s headed to the Jury house.

First Head of Household Competition:

We have a quiz competition for our first HoH Competition of the evening. They have to answer various questions about things from the show with more than, exactly, or less than answers.  Very quickly it ends up with only Caleb, Zach, and Christine left in the competition. Then Zach is out with a wrong answer, leaving just Christine and Caleb. Very good for The Detonators possibly if either of them win.

On the last question, Caleb gets the answer right and Christine gets it wrong. Caleb wins and everyone freaks out. Caleb body bumps with Zach, Frankie jumps on his back and everyone runs into the house for Nominations. Frankie does a split leap as he runs through the kitchen. Zach lays down on the couch and says to wake him up when the show is over.

Eviction Nominees:

Time for the live Nomination Ceremony and Julie yells at everyone to get in the living room right now. Caleb announces that as Head of Household, he is going to put up Hayden and Donny.

New Team America Mission Choices at

Big Brother 16 Week 6 Eviction 4

Power of Veto Competition:

The players for the PoV Competition will be Caleb, Hayden, Donny, Zach, Victoria, and Christine. This is bad news for Hayden and Donny. If anyone else wins the PoV but them, then they are both probably going to stay on the block.

The PoV challenge is to find three ducks in a ball pit. The first one to get them will win. Zach gets a quick headstart with two ducks, but Donny quickly catches up to him and… he wins! We are so happy that Donny will not be getting evicted tonight! Poor Donny collapses on the ground while Julie tells him he has just a few minutes to decide what to do with the PoV. Obviously, he is going to use it to save himself.

Power of Veto Meeting Results:

As one would expect because Donny isn’t stupid, he takes himself off the block. This forces Caleb to put up a replacement nominee, and he chooses — no surprise — Nicole as the replacement nominee. He says it was a hard decision but it is based on the knowledge he has been given. He tells Nicole to sit next to her boyfriend.

Second Live Eviction Vote:

In his save speech, he says he definitely wasn’t filled in on a lot of things going on this week. He says nothing personal, but he is going to throw some people under the bus. He says thank you Christine, you have been planting seeds. He doesn’t know where everyone else lied in the whole planning of it. Zach, you are planning a great game. If you want to keep him to fight against them, then keep him. Or keep Nicole and she will fight against them to. They are both good competitors. Nicole just looks shell-shocked during his speech.

Nicole says this is crazy and a lot of people are obviously planning super dirty. She says Christine and Frankie planted the seed that they wanted Zach out this week. (That’s going to be fun for The Detonators to refute.) She thinks they wanted this to happen. She loves being here and she hopes they keep her.

  • Cody: evict Nicole
  • Christine: evict Hayden
  • Derrick: evict Hayden
  • Donny: evict Nicole
  • Frankie: evict Hayden
  • Zach: evict Hayden
  • (Hayden is evicted)
  • Victoria: evict Hayden

With a vote of five to two, Hayden is evicted and will be the second member of the Jury. Hayden gives hugs around as he leaves, with an especially tight one for Nicole. Hayden was obviously not prepared to leave today, you can tell from his dress. Nicole immediately attacks Christine and asks her if that was her plan the whole time to plant the seed against Zach and then get this result. Christine starts to say something about no it wasn’t. Then it cuts off the house feed and switches to Hayden and Julie.

Hayden tells Julie he got boned! He says he thought he had it so good. He thought Zach was going home. He says when Jocasta got evicted he wasn’t sure what was going on. He knew he was in trouble. He was mad at Frankie because he was playing so far and he and Christine were his next targets. He calls Nicole his girl and he doesn’t know about what will happen with them after the show. He’s single in Los Angeles, she’s a country girl ready to get married… you know. Hayden is thrilled with the idea he might have the chance to get back in the game. For right now, he’s headed to the Jury house.

Second Head of Household Competition:

We’ll have to wait until Sunday to know who wins the once again double Head of Household Competition and will go on to the Battle of the Block. Unless, of course, you keep a watch on our main page here at for the spoilers from the Live Feeds on who wins the HoH later tonight! Or check out the two-day free trial special below and watch for yourself!

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