Will Big Brother All-Stars be returning for season 18 of the hit CBS reality TV competition? The rumor mill is flying fast and furious that this will be the year the network finally brings back a full Big Brother 18 cast of veterans. But is there any truth to the gossip going around that former contestants like Frankie Grande and Zach Rance will be returning?

Big Brother stars Frankie Grande & Zack Rance (CBS)

Big Brother stars Frankie Grande & Zack Rance (CBS)

If the rumors are true that this may finally be another Big Brother All Stars season for CBS, what kind of returning players would be involved? Would it be a mix of winners and losers, or would it all be contestants who failed to make it to the end, like this last season of Survivor Second Chance?

Although gossip mills like Celebrity Dirty Laundry proclaim that “multiple media outlets have confirmed” there is an Big Brother All Stars season in the works this year, we find no actual real proof out there that this is more than a rampant rumor at this point.

The only “media outlets” we have uncovered reporting any so-called Big Brother spoilers about this season being All-Stars are questionable sites like Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Celeb NewsThe Inquisitr and YourHealthMag.com. The only ‘source’ any of them give are each other, with no actual proof of any truthful Big Brother spoilers from any reliable, real source. In fact, half the ‘media’ posts being cited as reporting an All Stars season is actually happening are really just articles speculating about whether or not there might be one, and who should be on it if there was.

Previous Big Brother All Stars cast (CBS)

Previous Big Brother All Stars cast (CBS)

Does this mean all this talk of a big Brother All Stars season is just a bunch of hogwash? Well, we wouldn’t put it past CBS to do a repeat on Big Brother of what they did on Survivor Second Chance, especially since it turned out to be quite a successful season. On the other hand, Big Brother host Julie Chen has already stated in the press that fans should not expect another All Stars season any time soon. Why? Well, ratings, of course.

Julie Chen told Entertainment Weekly that ratings show fans really want all new players. “Look, we love the Will Kirbys, the Mike Boogies, and the Janelles, and they will always have a special spot in our hearts,” Chen said. “But I think the beauty of this game is showing true fans who have never played it, who have played it just from their armchair at home, have a stab at it, and realize, wow, I had no idea what I was in for. You keep the game more pure that way.”

Of course, CBS has a habit of going against expectations and even risking ratings by doing crazy things with Big Brother seasons in the past. So we are just going to have to wait until we actually start getting some real Big Brother 18 spoilers from proven, reliable sources to find out what’s really going to happen.

Meanwhile, tell us what you think! Do you want an All-Stars season, or would you rather stick with the all new players?

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