Memphis Garrett may not be America’s Favorite Player this season, but he was the first Big Brother All-Star to win a second Head of Household competition during week seven of the game. Memphis is playing very strategically during his second HOH reign, and he is working hard to put allies in place that will protect him as he fights for the end game. As Big Brother fans know, in addition to smart play and winning competitions, allies that have your back is a crucial component to making it to the end of the Big Brother, especially an All-Star season.

Big Brother All-Stars Alliance

Memphis began his HOH week by framing fellow houseguest David Alexander. Memphis is pulling the oldest Big Brother trick in the book by making David feel safe while planning to backdoor him in the end. (Check out spoilers here to find out if Memphis stuck with his plan to backdoor David this week.) After putting his eviction plans together, Memphis moved on to planning his end game alliances. He was a busy guy, but not very creative with his plans.

Memphis made it clear that his house majority alliance, you know the one that has won every HOH competition this season so far, was safe from the block this week. That means Nicole Franzel, Cody Calafiore, Christmas Abbott, Dani Donato, and Tyler Crispen will be kept off the block and safe from eviction this week. Christmas has the only BB Basement Power that could shake things up, and there are no plans to use it.

Thinking about his end game, Memphis met with Cody to strategize. They have had a final two agreement in place since the first week in the game when Cody won the first HOH competition. Their alliance is called the Commission, the core of the house majority alliance, the Committee. The two All-Stars decided to make a final three pact with Enzo Palumbo, who is not officially in the Committee but an integral part of the house alliance.

Enzo was on board with the final three deal which became known as the Wise Guys. Once Cody left the HOH room, Memphis proposed to Enzo they create another final three deal with Christmas. She did not hesitate to join Enzo and Memphis with a final three deal, although she did pause when they suggested the name of their alliance as… the Wise Guys. Yes, we now have two alliances inside the Big Brother house with the name the Wise Guys, in which one contains a female. Hey, this is 2020. I guess anything goes these days.

Big Brother All-Stars Memphis Garrett

Once again, the house majority alliance, AKA the Committee, is ruling the game and running all of the other houseguests out of town. Unless another houseguest can manage to win an HOH competition, they just might see the final six together. Realistically, they only need to evict three more houseguests, David, Da’Vonne Rogers, and Kevin Campbell, before the Committee (plus pal Enzo) are the only players left in the game.

This has been one of the most tame seasons of Big Brother in a long, long time and maybe ever. With an All-Star cast consisting of legendary, hardcore Big Brother players, one would expect quite the opposite. One can just hold out hope that once only the Committee alliance are the only players are left in the game, things will really heat up. At that point, Big Brother should become an exciting, drama filled house that we have all been waiting to enjoy this season. One can hope.

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